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They are a great example ;)

It is strange how Orange Man Bad continues to exist, even though he has almost no way to speak to his audience and is no longer the President. It is hilarious how desperate these liberals are against Trump.

I hope it falls apart spectacularly, With Merkel gone there is a far higher chance of that :)

Is Slovakia controlled by EU thugs? What would you do if you ran your country?

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Is Slovakia controlled by EU thugs?

Not really, it's more about EU money indirectly shifting focus of public servants from what needs to be done to what EU's giving cash for.

What would you do if you ran your country?

I'm libertarian / 'classic liberal' so I'd most likely fail miserably at attempt to cancel most of goverment offices and end up having nazis false-flagged for my assasination 😁

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What does it mean "false flagged" ?

How patriotic are you to Slovakia? How patriotic is the average slovakian?

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False-flagged as in some goverment agency will do it and then blame it on nazis. And just to be clear, I was trying to be funny. It's not something I'd actually expect them to do.

About patriotism, dunno. It's place where I was born and it's place where I plan to die. And there's no way I let some motherfucker to stand in front of that plan. Plus I have a lot of family around the place, so I'm highly motivate to put end to anyone trying.

On top of that, my username is chosen in honor of guy who wrote this. Or rather original poem this is based on. I'd imagine average Slovak is at least sligtly less patriotic than that 😇

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Thanks for the clarification. :)

Interesting origin story :D

Are you fluent in Slovakian? What other language would you learn, given the time and resources (+ motivation :) )

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Probablly french. I know bit of basics, but never had time - and probably reason - to go full in.