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Yeah, I think you're out of luck on that one. The institutional capture is strong, from what I can tell Youtube is the most tolerant for now, but that may change. It's scary how much power these large platforms have for silencing political speech.

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Youtube censors a lot of words and phrases having to do with GC stuff. It's really the only type of comment I make that I have to copy before I submit because of the high chance of site-wide automatic removal. And if it's automatically removed the first time YT machine learning bots remember the overall passage you posted so some heavy editing out and rearrangement of words or substitution of letters with symbols has to be done before you'll be able to get your general comment posted again. Which can take a while. It's so bad I have to do meticulous prose testing on a privated/unlisted video whenever this happens. The comments will get removed in 20 seconds if it doesn't go through. I don't post on YT about this stuff as much anymore because of how much of my time is wasted.

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That's surprising. You can find plain old comments like that everywhere. Plenty of conservative, unwoke people in comment sections who outright say stuff like "so-and-so is a man," using former names, misgendering of celebrities, etc.

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I don't know exactly what the deal is, but my comments about trans get removed by YT. I'm responding to someone right now and it's getting removed. I pin it in my own videos and it still gets removed. 20 second timer.

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I bet you've been flagged in some way. Big Tech is fucking sinister.

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That sounds possible. I should probably just use a new account to comment already, but I'm stubborn about using any alts. The account I'm using I've used for years, and I only use the one.

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This has been my experience too. I've even taken to misspelling words (replacing L's with capital I's, for instance) in order for it to finally post. Don't try to do paragraphs or add links either. YT comments are absolutely f*cked. Another thing it sometimes does is add the comment, but it's not visible unless you 'sort by new'.

When I was evaluating YT, I was only considering uploads.

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Yes, YT seems open and magnanimous on the surface, but it's just that their censorship game is more advanced and subtle. It is exhausting to work around and deceptive in that it makes you think you already had your say when in fact you didn't. And you can't really access your comment/reply history like reddit and twitter so that makes it hard to check for any removals. I once replaced every letter that could be replaced with symbols and numbers(@,0,1,$,3 etc) to get a comment through. Ridiculous.

I'll never fully get into commenting real, well-thought-out passages on YT until the system changes to be less restrictive.

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I've certainly taken to typing out much shorter comments/replies. Everyone on Youtube has been complaining about this problem. Their spam filter is clearly too sensitive. It might be by design though. I doubt old media's YT presence is affected by this at all. The more comments there are, the better the video performs in visibility, so if you're not part of a big company, but are getting "too many comments" "too quickly" then you end up being competition for the big 5, which they can't allow.

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I'd also say YouTube, at least for now. TikTok is ban happy. Both Blaire White and the kid who started Super Straight got banned from there.

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There are a lot of radfem blogs on tumblr, but I still see some of them getting banned occasionally.

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I'm sad, because there were quite a few great gender critical essays on Medium too, but many of them got removed. It's crazy!

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Reddit appears to have a zero tolerance policy. If you comment or post in a reddit sub, you'll get banned immediately.

Not true. I reported someone the other day and they received a warning from the admins

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The banwave has instilled fear in mods, who now feel compelled to remove even the most innocuous comments or risk their sub being banned. Chilling effects far beyond the original bans.

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Again it was an admin, not a mod