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You know what, you’re right. I thought the data was convincing, but you’ve totally changed my mind with your imagination, wishful thinking, and declarative statements.

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The data isn’t convincing. You just want to pretend you have statistics to support your bigotry.

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I guess I hallucinated the data 1 2. Not again! I really need to get the carbon monoxide levels checked in my house.

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It’s almost as if the media’s noted protensity to report trans women’s deaths as men’s deaths that I already talked about could play a role. Or the fact that your claim that trans women are more likely to be murders than murdered is total horse shit. Weird.

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The suggestion that the ‘advocates’ providing the Human Rights Campaign with the data on trans murder rates somehow didn’t take factors like that into account is a bizarre one. But being charitable: someone who is better with numbers than I am should work out exactly how many more trans people would have had to been murdered to reach even the murder rate of the general population, considering the data that we have currently (again: from the Human Rights Campaign) indicates that ‘trans-identifying individuals were actually murdered at less than half the rate of the general population’.

What is the rate of trans murderers vs trans murdered? If the suggestion is total horse shit, surely you have data and are not just sharing things from your imagination again.

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How many trans murders have been reported. My bet is less than 1 percent of murderers

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That is an extraordinary claim. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Or, you know, literally any evidence at all. Please note: your imagination is not evidence.

So I’ll ask you one more time before I stop wasting my time: where is the evidence?

Edit: I misunderstood this comment. I read: How many trans murders have been reported. My bet is less than 1 percent of [murders], i. e. more than 99% of trans murders are not reported. So it's not such an extraordinary claim-- that's my fault.

But you still have not provided a shred of evidence for all of your 'guesses', whereas I have provided data to back up my claims.

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So you claim that more than 1 percent of murderers are trans? Feel free to provide statistics. You don’t have them because you are baselessly villianizing trans people.

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Standard of evidence for GC claims: multiple studies, which will be ignored or dismissed anyway.

Standard of evidence for QT claims: declarative statements.

Edit: and I’m not ‘villainising’ trans people, I’m villainising males, lol.

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Isn’t the question less about the percentage of murders committed by trans people in comparison to non trans people, and more about whether trans people are more likely to commit murder than be murdered?

So shouldn’t we be asking what percentage of trans people are murdered vs commit murder, instead of what you’re asking?

Genuinely asking out of confusion, also, isn’t the discussion male criminality in general, not murder specifically?

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It’s both. The claim was we are more likely to be murdered than murdered. So it’s about how many trans women are murderers and how many people are murdered. There’s no data supporting that claim I’m.

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I feel like it’s not that difficult to look up, the issue is you’re unwillingness to acknowledge what data would confirm.

Of course we can’t account for murders that weren’t discovered/reported, but that applies to any demographic.

And it’s kind of not both, the claim made was about male criminality, not murder specifically. I just went back and reread.