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Losing my patience with QT lol. Especially in the fallout of the Wi Spa stuff.

I wonder, has there ever been an honest, good-faith debate between QT and GC? The closest I've seen is this debate between Meghan Murphy and Julie Rei Goldstein, but the format was annoying. Idk why they decided to have a panel ask dumb questions, just them them have a back-and-forth geez.

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2 week gym break due to an injury has me on edge. Exercise is my big outlet so missing that is unfortunate. At least it’s just temporary.

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that sucks, hope you recover quickly 🤞

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I’m on bed rest and I’m so fucking bored but also relieved that I have an excuse to not have to go out in this heat

Also- they changed up the username and I thought it was a new troll lol

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Oh, no, it's the same user who keeps creating new accounts every time we ban her or delete enough of her posts or told her to stop. I've been deleting the same post for a few days by now but she keeps posting it...

Hope you get better.

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Thank you, I just have to stay in bed for a little bit longer but I feel like everything is good

I really don’t get the need to spam post. I’m not sure what it accomplishes lol

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I guess she expects we get tired and don't delete her posts anymore, but I have no idea what she gets of asking us the same stuff over a over again.

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Hope you’re up and about again soon!

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Thank you! I feel fine and have for a while now but I have to wait until the doctor says lol

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nothing serious i hope, get well soon! 🤞

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Thank you!

Nothing super serious, mostly just a precaution. I’m all good, baby’s all good.

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What's the spammer's current user name? Something having to do with the alphabet?

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Yes, that one.

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Making two dolls, Crystal Lil and Olympia Binewski from geek love. Not sure what I’m doing but so far there’s clay heads and wired skeletons.

Made a small unicorn cushion today, A terrarium the other day, have six needleworks of varying size and complexity on the go, and am really wishing I was allowed to have my adhd meds again lol. Also learned to loom weave! Been rocketing between activities and ideas too fast to do any of them.

Birthday next week, let my oldest nephew pick the cake so it’s a blue chocolate monster lol. He’s more excited about cake than any of the rest of us will be so idk, why not let him pick?

Bought a new to us car. Cute lil jeep. Love it.

Arthritis nodes in all the knuckles and my wrist. They’re gonna end up so gnarly lol.

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Oooh I've always wanted to loom weave. Do you have a loom or it's in a classroom?

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I just got a little one from a thrift store and messed around until I got it. Had books on it and various yarns around because my family is bonkers when it comes to crafts.

One day when I have a studio again I’ll invest in a big heddle though.

Definitely recommend it, it’s satisfying af and there’s a fair bit of variety possible for such a simple set up.

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Telephone visit with my doctor. He said my numbers were good, those pills seem to be working. I said great, but taking those pills makes my stomach uncomfortable. He said, well then, let's add another pill for that.

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Hope you feel better. Unfortunately, your doctor's recommendation to add another pill to counteract the negative, unwanted effects of the other pills he has prescribed illustrates what's wrong with medicine in the era when physicians function as extensions of Big Pharma. One iatrogenic condition caused by one prescription drug or set of drugs leads to a whole host of iatrogenic conditions caused by more drugs added on top of one another to ameliorate the effects of one another. And all the drugs end up working together in ways no one anticipated & which haven't been studied.

Again, hope you feel better.