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Australia cannot handle the plague and are once again in lockdown. The protesters are serious fucknuts getting people killed but I just wanna go buy some thread cones and some bolts of poplin.

Everyone else in the sub is safe and healthy I hope?

Also, it’s nearly time to start prepping for Christmas cause I sew everyone’s gifts but have very few ideas beyond a fat chicken cushion for my MIL. What’s something y’all would want for Christmas?

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You guys are still in lockdown? I'm weary of COVID, but it would be even worse if we had lockdowns here.

They reinstated masks in my workplace because people couldn't be trusted on their vaccination status and also because of Delta, but otherwise we have plenty of freedom.

What’s something y’all would want for Christmas?

Always a tough question. I prefer having experiences to acquiring more physical stuff. I hate clutter.

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A tough shoulderbag or a large vest with pockets.

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Hey that’s good one for a few people in the family. We got hunters and mothers who could use a nice strong bag. Cheers!

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Sorry to double post but holy shit roe vs wade was like, effectively overturned in Texas it seems? Holy shit this is frightening.

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Scary shit. This should be the big moment for the Supreme Court to step in.