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When in doubt, follow the money.

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This question is hard to answer because answers will be based on anecdotal evidence, observation, and extrapolation.

My view is that in current times there are FAR more AGP than HSTS, as perverted males are more common than gay males. This results in a lot of loud entitlement and publicly perverse behavior, which gives all trans people a bad name while paradoxically being what brought trans issues to the forefront of LGBT activism in the past 10 years.

I don't think HSTS transsexuals are the main subgroup of trans people fighting to abolish women's sex-based rights, who sexualize "female identity", and who pretend they can literally 100% become female, menstruation and all (all of which are part of my biggest gripes with the trans community and trans policies). So I think it's undeniable that AGPs are the loudest trans activist group (aside from woke handmaidens), and the ones responsible for much of trans policy and rhetoric.

AGP and HSTS alike will benefit from some aspects of AGP activism, such as accepting womanhood as a social rather than biological class, but in other ways HSTS suffer the damage that AGP rhetoric brings, being seen as selfish predators by many.

Interesting question, and I'd like to hear what actual AGP and HSTS trans people have to say on the subject.

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So, I feel like AGPs control a lot and I’m going to say why, but I also want to say that is was never a trans activist in any way and I haven’t really been in trans communities in a long time, so my perspective is limited. That said, AGPs seemed like the dominant group in nearly any trans space I was in. I feel like it’s part of what makes trans spaces really toxic, especially for HSTS types.

First, AGPs are just much more common of the types so the things that are important to them are what get focused on. I feel like they are much more hardline about, sports, childhood transitions and wanting more people to be trans (I don’t know if that’s the right way to say it), than people like me are. I don’t know many people like me though so maybe that’s most trans people. I feel like maybe it’s wanting to live vicariously, like they are depressed and feel like there lives would have been better if they transitioned sooner so they want to see other people transition. It’s weird. To me, transitioning is like the best of a series of bad choices available at times, but never something you should want for someone. It’s not the best.

Second, trans groups and, I assume, trans activism ends up being mostly people who can’t pass or fit in in regular society. I feel like if you pass and are able to just exist being seen as your sex, you just would rather do that without having to deal with any trans stuff for the most part. That’s how I feel, at least, so most people in those groups can’t fit in so they feel like they need to make the world change. AGPs don’t tend to fit in as well or pass as well, regardless of age, just because of not being naturally feminine (I know someone people will say that isn’t a thing, but it tends to be for HSTS types).

Finally, most of the time they are just more aggressive and assertive too. Part of this could be that many or older and just have navigated the world as men more. They also may have experience more of that typical more toxic socialization because they are straight. I’m sure they are aggressive HSTS too, but it seems like less.

Does this make sense?

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Almost all of it comes from the first group. I don't think the AGPs give a shit about HSTS transsexuals. Any move old-school transsexuals make towards caution or moderation is condemned. Look at how hated Blaire White and Buck Angel are for their dissenting views.