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I'm not longer a mod, but I'll advice against providing links. What they do is pontentially unlawful and, without a doubt, dangerous. Drugs are not harmless candies that anyone can make or took even when they are medically necessary.

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That seems pretty bad, but it isn’t surprising with all the anti-gatekeeping attitudes and so many current transitioners being super online. I’ve heard of people self-medicating before and it is not a good idea. American healthcare should be better, but it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to put yourself in danger. Like BiR said, don’t post the link.

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Total garbage disguised as harm prevention.

Full of opinions and anecdotes framed as medical fact, selling promises they cannot keep.

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Very good honestly. Trans people need to stop putting all our eggs in the basket of doctors or organizations that pander to people who hate us and don't support us having full autonomy to transition. Sites like have helped a lot of people I know get HRT where they couldn't access it through the "official" route.