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Dude this game used to scare the fuck out of me when I was like 6 or so. We were a sega house, only had like 10 games because we played those non-stop, Streets of Rage Series, Sonic Series, Rampage, Mortal Kombat, etc.

My mom wanted to buy a game for my dad, cuz my mom loved playing Sonic (they were young too, my parents were in their late 20's), but my dad thought all the games were garbage. So she got him Myst (it was on the sega saturn as well!), and he loved it. I tried it and couldn't figure a damn thing out, only played it maybe 3 times (for a few hours each) cuz shit was so creepy to me. And I never encountered a game I couldn't beat until Myst lmao, the atmosphere and everything was just too much. I remember my dad keeping the Myst case with his Stephen King books so I couldn't reach it.

This just brought back a rush of memories and smells lmao, I 4got Myst.

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That's funny. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you lmao! I had completely forgotten about this game.. It started giving me nightmares, so that's why my dad had it up on the book shelf with his Stephen King books, so I couldn't play it. The atmosphere and music was just so creepy to me back then. I didn't even like watching my parents play it after a certain point lol. Did you ever beat it?

I wanna play it now and see how it's like though! I just checked and it's on Steam :) So thank you!

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It's time to beat your demons.

I never did play it. I was curious about it and outlier games like Spore, Fez, etc. and take note - but still don't play. I'm goofy and stuff but just not into games.

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Why a text post?

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Lazy default. I used to try and cram a lot into 300 characters with a link and hoped the thumbnail was decent. Now, unless I think about it, by default, they're all text without limit, easy control of the thumbnail generally, and I can keep my side comments off the post title lists for those who care to read (though opposite for some reason in this case), and other things. Also, M7 doesn't like me including the date in the post title if it's within a month.

I haven't been putting the time and effort into posting as I had in the past. Obviously it irked you enough to comment. Sorry about that. I'll try to be more aware if I can avoid the extra expando click.