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Nah see the problem with gaming is the idiots are loud problem.

You can't have a discussion on message boards anymore since it's gone from being a small minority of tech savvy nerds using them to every idiot with a smartphone. I don't want to go blame women specifically since plenty are contributing members of such discussions, but there was a huge influx of female energy into basically every online space when the smartphone became standard and all the tech-unsavy and not so bright types who are super chatty ended up flooding the message boards and causing the level of discourse to decline to a point of banal pointless nonsense so they all turn into catty circlejerks.

YouTube the barrier for entry to make a video isn't high but it's higher than nothing and the singular voice of the video creator can spur a discussion before it gets lost into the chatter of the internet collective.

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Monster Maze is among the top tier for game design including dungeons. I love his dungeon videos even though I'm not a real fan of said dungeons.