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I don't care about a Switch 2, that's just more crap to buy, but I am looking forward to playing the Tears of the Kingdom game.

I actually had no idea what was going on with Japan and China.

The Japanese government last Friday announced a doubling of military spending and, for the first time, is openly acquiring offensive weapons, all of which is in breach of not only of the country’s so-called pacifist constitution, but of the limits placed on its military for decades. The military build-up is explicitly directed against China and is part of the rapidly escalating, US-led confrontation with Beijing. Source

Wow. I wouldn't have thought Japan could go toe-to-toe with China. Japan is ramping up to spend $80bn a year to China's $230bn on their military. Based on that I'd say they can't, guess they won't be expected to do it on their own.

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Tears of the Kingdom I'm skeptical it will be good. The game so far seems like it might be too gimmicky and not distinct enough from BOTW to warrant a purchase. But it is Nintendo and if anyone can make gimmicks work it's them.

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I have no problems with BOTW format as long as things are improved a bit as I don't need nor want constant story shoved down my throat: I have a few key ideas if you'd like to hear it out that would make some dramatic ways of doing things:

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It's not the format so much as the reused over world that concerns me. They may very well manage to pull off enough variety over the last game to make it interesting but one of Breath of the Wilds downsides is that much like any open world game while the huge map is fun and welcome there's a somewhat limited number of things you can actually do so the amount of novel content ends up being top loaded and the end game drags considerably.

Exploring the overworld is what the game is fun for, but if you've already explored it before it's going to be significantly less fun a second go round when you already know what's on the other side of that mountain. Naturally if they change it up a lot it could be fun, or it could just feel like they are trying too hard.

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I hope they add climate this time around where different things happen instead of just rain sun or thunderstorm and weather can help or hinder your flying letting you go to different areas maybe areas that are hard to get to if you time it right. It looks like there will be A LOT of up high spots that will seem impossible to reach normally requiring some crazy maneuvers.

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Seasons would be nice.

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Imagine if there is a hidden dungeon in the snow you could approach one of two ways. Either wait for the right season and/or a way to melt the snow to get to the dungeon anyways but some stuff will be altered between winter and summer. Sort of like a large scale Click Clock Woods.