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The fact that you couldn't post without fear of other subs banning you just proves how fucking stupid reddit is.

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Im in a very similar situation as you, I was also was afraid to speak out. Today is my first day of posting. I can no longer be silent. I don't know what I can do or how to contribute. All I know is that is that I will fight for my daughters sex based protections and rights. When she is an adult she will not have to ask me why I didn't try to protect her.

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I was lurking and the GC subreddit saved myself from internalized misogyny and turned me away from the lures of the trans culture. It was a scary time, and it made me FURIOUS to see GC gone, just like that. I never wanted to voice my opinions because I was so scared of being doxxed. I just wanted to read other's frustrations and I wanted to vent personally. I have very kind trans ftm friends who are just scared of even the idea of womenhood. I cannot stand for this and we need to keep our voices strong. We can survive elsewhere.

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There are many more like you and eventually we will all have to stand up and be counted.

Its OK though because we are united. We are strong and we will never stop fighting!

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I am so glad the sub existed, it was the one place I could go and feel as if I wasn't going insane in this tupsy turvy world. There are so many silent allies out there. I get that so many of us are in positions where this ideology puts as at risk. But, isn't there must be some way we can get all those other women out there to know that they aren't alone in this? Do we need to start moving stealth? Create an underground network? Seriously, if you look at how the TRA movement has been going, so much of it happens behind the scenes. We need to find a way to galvanise our silent majority into action.

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No judging. We know that for some women, having radical views hits you in the paycheck. Do what's right for you to survive, and welcome.

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I hope Saidit's servers are strong enough for all of us because this ban has also converted me into a poster instead of just a lurker. What I can't comprehend is why all the misogynistic porn subs and men's rights subs are still up but a sane, high quality discussion sub with respectful and sensible discussion points is banned. It's pure misogyny from the Reddit admins disguised as social justice. Now that advertisers are all pandering to the loud minority of "woke" teens and misogynists, Reddit is scared of offending them. What utter trash.

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I completely agree. I actually subbed and posted a few times on GC and LGBdroptheT and true lesbians and I deleted my 5 year Reddit account cause I was worried that someone could shuffle through my comment history and figure out who I was and doxx me.

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I was a long time lurker and reader. Not out of fear, more because I don't like Reddit so I've stuck to MN for years and more recently Spinster. Joined up here today in solidarity. I'd not heard of this site before - hope it works out and everyone can regroup.

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Yes, me too. I was afraid to speak out. I 100% agree with you.

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I am another like you. It feels nice to just speak my mind finally. It's sad that so many women are afraid of having opinions. The repercussions are far harsher for us than for men. The world hates us we stray the smallest bit from the mainstream, amicable disposition that women are socialised into from when we are small.

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I'm now an ex-lurker too. furious at reddit for banning it but glad in a way that I now feel more confident than ever in being gender critical and want to have an active voice now. solidarity all!

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I was mostly a lurker too. Only posted a few times. Mostly because I'm too busy and don't have a lot of time to engage on social media. But also because I don't always agree with everything Rad Fem. But I was a proud feminist, until feminism become something I no longer recognize, and the Left left me and I became politically homeless. Nonetheless, I will always stand up for women and want the best for women.

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I feel the same way. I always referred to myself as a feminist but then suddenly there’s some “feminists” saying that all men should be raped or killed - like WTF?

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There are some with views on the extreme. I'm also not on board with today's so-called 3rd wave feminists either. So I guess I'm WGTW in that respect when it comes to fighting and supporting women.

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I was the same and finally peaked so hard a bit ago that I made an alt account to agree. I think they've successfully silenced so many women through these "witchhunting" tactics and I hope that GC getting banned when so many hateful subs get much less pokes a bit of a hornet's nest.

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Mostly same here. I read most posts using my main account. I had an account that I would sometimes log into to comment on GC. No more - I'm ZeWombat full time here on saidit, no matter the sub.

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Me too. This is already better than Reddit.

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It is refreshing to speak more openly. i also had similar concerns about doxxing and being banned by other subs by association.

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Same here. The transgender movement/issue has rubbed me the wrong way for some time. Since the latest JK Rowling Twitter battle I've donated around 100 GBP to gender critical causes and I've created an account on SAIDIT specifically to participate here.

I did not on Reddit because I disagree with some other aspects of radical feminism. But banning the sub? While a lot of other shit is allowed to stay up? While gendercriticalGUYS is allowed to stay up?


And to the TRA brigade initiating the ban and going after Rowling: You've been stupid to go after somebody her size. And you continue being stupid by now going after perfectly normal citizens who two weeks ago had no clue that your agenda even exists. Who do you think has deeper pockets and more votes in the end: A few hundred people posting selfies and anime and hitting the report button on Twitter 24/7 or a pissed off mega millionaire and hundreds of thousands of women with real lifes, jobs and bank accounts? If in doubt, ask The Body Shop six months from now.

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"I wouldn't join or post because I heard that other subs would ban you."

Same. You and your partner have legitimate concerns, though. It was maddening to read some of the articles on GC that linked women being targeted in academia, so I think you were/are smart to play it safe. As you can tell, you're not alone. I, too, have just converted from a lurker to a poster. You, too, are very much appreciated.

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I'm also another lurker that now wants to participate more. I was planning on being more active on gc reddit and the moment I decided to get involved it was gone. But I'm glad to have this group instead.

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I just want to say that it is indicative of how serious income inequality has become in the US- that GC feminists are being banned from Reddit and that the rest of the world is jumping onto TRA ideology because we are so culturally influential. Only in very well to do, liberal, elite circles would some of the things said in trans groups on Reddit be acceptable. Rich men support TRA's because it allows them to continue to behave in ways that exploit women for sexual gratification. These men aren't healthy, they are deeply insecure and wounded and they are willing to harm untold numbers of women to feed their own ego. Look at Weinstein and Epstein - those two men alone raped hundreds of women. What can we do about this? I don't want anyone to be harmed (esp poor trans people), but I am not willing to weaken women's rights and protections in that process. We should be building trans specific services not asking women to share resources that are already scarce and inadequate for them.

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I've been lurking since r/gendercritical had less than 6k subscribers. Heartbroken rn :(

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I can completely relate to this. I'm out now. I took down my photo on twitter, (I have no friends or family following) and I will speak out. We are dealing with a huge, sinister problem here.

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I deleted my reddit a couple months ago but I still read this sub all the time. I pretty was active for like 2 years and with this ban which is an injustice, I decided to join again.

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Same here! I would check GC everyday during my breaks at work or at home. I rarely posted anything myself but I learnt so much wisdom from other women, which as a teenager with few female role models or friends has been invaluable. Just being part of a community made by women for women made me feel safe and at home.

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Welcome aboard!

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Hello from a fellow first time poster! I'm so happy to read so many of us are considering opening up about our GC views after what happened. Hopefully the day will come when we won't be afraid about losing friends, being fired from our jobs or even our own safety just for expressing our thoughts and beliefs.

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I was lurking for ages. Finally plucked up the courage to start posting and it gets banned! I'm livid.

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I completely agree - I spent a very long time lurking in agreement but keeping quiet due to being too scared to speak up. The reddit bans shocked me, losing the feminist space that I held so dear is incredibly difficult but it's only resulted in me seeking out more like-minded women and now adding my voice to the discussion. I am so glad to have found you ladies!

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Same here! I was a long time lurker and really appreciated the GC subreddit for letting me know that I wasn't the only one going crazy. Happy to have this new place where we all can regroup.

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I'm also new. Have been following the issues for a year or so now on mumsnet. Not got involved with reddit at all. But saw the GC subreddit has been banned and feel its time to get more involved.