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I intend to make a sub along the lines of GC Guys as soon as I get past my two weeks here. We can't create a new sub until we've been here two weeks. I've been here a day.

I would not see the idea that they didn't ban GC Guys as only reflecting male privilege. I think it is at best a manipulation of this concept of privilege by those in power. Not banning the guys sub is meant to create further divisions between us. Guys who left reddit in solidarity over the GC purge are taking NOT that bait. One can argue if we are just too full for that bait or not.

It is similar to the white privilege working class whites have when compared to working class blacks. It is not a favoritism showed to white workers, it is a manipulation meant to break solidarity. Much of what we know about the "Red Scare" focuses on hollywood and screen writers, but the real target was communist party affiliated union organizers. The red scare was the worst thing to happen to the left (as in actual left) and to the working class in the US. The vacuum it created was filled by the mob. Much of the racism attributed to unions can be laid squarely at the mob's, and management's, feet.

Similarly, Silvia Federici documents clearly how the lower classes had their ways of making a living taken from them during the primative accumulation phase of capitalism, and in that process women were stripped of their economic activities and of everything else they had. The witch burnings were about breaking the will of women, their children, especially their daughters, and their communities. That guys went along with it, or over time just accepted the new order, is maybe the worst thing in western history because it bifurcated us.

Leaving Reddit over the GC banning is not much of a gesture in opposition to the divisions between men and women that were created and maintained since then. Maybe something better and real will start. It won't start staying there if for no other reason then it just leaves women twisting in the wind again. I obviously don't have answers, and I don't pretend to be solving anything, and I'm not virtue signally. I'm simply stating that I intend to start a GC sub, guys or open to both sexes, once I'm able.

But, lets not see the guys getting to keep their stupid little bit of reddit as anything other than manipulation and a desperate act of divisiveness performed by people who must have seen the poll results over "Self ID", where over 90% of the population is against it. Dividing us, or keeping us divided, is their goal. It does not have to be ours-- which is not to say women do not need single-sex spaces to themselves. But the ban just happened, we'll be off your couch soon, job or no job.

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The GC reddit guys have behaved really well through this banning stuff. I don't think anyone is angry at them or blaming them for not getting banned along with the rest of us. We understand what's going on.

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So much good info in your comment. Thanks for introducing me to a new perspective.

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Thank you. The sources for what I said above are Sylvia Federici's Caliban and the Witch, and a labor lawyer I met over a few days long ago who pointed me to real labor history and not the sanitized version of it.

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Just to clarify: Spinster is not women-only. Anyone can have an account on there. I follow a few guys over there. the difference is that things are set up so that men can't dogpile and harass women the way they do on twitter. And women won't get banned for saying feminist things.

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Oh wow I wasn't aware of that. Alright I'll be sure to give it another shot and see how the site works, hopefully the interface isn't too clunky. I heard it was twitter-like which I'm not too thrilled about but we'll see.

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spinster has a longer character limit than twitter, so at least it's possible to write some complex thoughts. But yes, I myself much prefer forum-type setups. It's just easier to track conversations, highlight resources and so on.

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Yeah I made an account and as soon as I saw the facebook-like feed that just lead into a twitter profile I noped the hell out. Hopefully saidit stays promising lol.

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Most women I follow there block any and all male posters, so men may as well not bother coming to Spinster. They will be ignored.

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It's not my sub obviously but I'm not against guys participating as allies (obviously not for trolling etc.). To resist and fight this nonsense has become far to important to not include anybody willing to make a contribution. Imho...

So: Welcome!