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Definitions are inherently exclusive. Words have meaning and words are the basis on which we build laws that protect our rights.

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In my book, “inclusion,” like “radical” will always be critical to my politics. I’m not about to abandon it just because a nasty cult has hi-jacked, and reversed it.

Anyone who is truly politically conscious is both radical and inclusive. Why? Because political consciousness is an understanding that those belonging to an oppressed category (sex, race, class etc) is to one degree or another subject to inequality and injustice based on that status. But this doesn’t mean that these persons acknowledge their own oppression and are therefore politically conscious. So, a male who lives in poverty, but lords it over his wife and kids, is not politically conscious. Nor is a male who self-identifies as a female pol con or in any sense, inclusive. Such persons, no matter their status, are exclusive or lacking in radicalism, pol con, & inclusivity.

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In terms of pedagogy, it means that e.g. the 'weaker' pupils shouldn't be left out in favour of the 'stronger' pupils. In terms of sociology, it means that e.g. those who were excluded from society before are included into specific sub systems.

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I suppose the examples of trans women in womens sports, of rapists suddenly identifying as women to be send to a prison for women and of documented examples of perverts preying on children in restrooms under the transgender cover are self-explanatory to 90% of the population...

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My go-to response to "inclusive" is.

"Inclusive is code for add more white straight men"