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Great idea! Just a caveat about "google-findable." A recent post on GC (before banning) pointed out that the Google search algorithm seemed to have been adjusted recently to foreground TRA content on "gender critical." Whereas in the past the gender critical subreddit had been the first or second item listed on page one of results, driving traffic to the sub, suddenly google searches for the term "gender critical" rendered up pages of TRA propaganda maligning and misrepresenting gender critical feminism before listing any actual gender critical resources (the gender critical subreddit itself was suddenly buried on page 3). The banning of the reddit GC sub seems to have brought mentions back up to page one however these are mainly through the distorted TRA lens (e.g. pink news "Reddit just banned its viciously transphobic 'gender critical' page). So it will be important to put energy (and resources) into an effective strategy for ensuring visibility of the new wiki.

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GC is easier to find on alternate search engines, like "duck duck go." not entirely on topic, but I've noticed that google is generally not a very effective search engine anymore

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You are probably right about googles algorithm bias. One of the reasons the GC situation is opaque to outsiders is that content discovery algorithms are biased against us, not just on Google, but I believe on Twitter as well. This does not even require a conspiracy on the part of the platform, people maliciously spamming the report button already has that effect.

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This is a wonderful idea! I'm not aware of an existing Wiki, so we really should set one up. I'm willing to contribute if you need any support!

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Happy to help, here too

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Even if one already exists, I would love to join you in making a new one. Just let me know.

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That would be a couple of dozen kinds of helpful. For countering the TRA language manipulation bullshit, and as a primer for newcomers to GC . . .

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I think there is one.