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I peaked when I discovered the mumsnet thread 'Trans Widows Escape Committee'. I had heard about AGP before but always assumed it was BS, because it is such a bizarre concept. Then when i discovered this mumsnet forum, I saw that it was real, and the curtain fell from my eyes. I had never before been so truly shocked by something, to the point where I needed to reevaluate all of my opinions. Every one of my opinions about trans rights reversed that day

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That was such a good thread. I was about halfway through reading it when it got taken down. It really opened up my eyes to how AGP plays out with these men.

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Was it taken down? I'm able to find it and the follow-up threads easily.

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I think you need to add a definition for "girl dick". 😜 Most Saidit users and people who haven't been exposed to the gender debate probably heard of it.

On a more serious note, maybe add definitions for TIM, TIF, Cotton Ceiling??

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"most other living things" should be changed to most Eukarya (on Earth, we have 3 other types of life: Bacteria, Archaea, and Viruses). The binary sex system was evolved in Eukarya, most likely as a means to keep their endosymbionts from becoming parasitic. This works, because only one sex contributes the endosymbiont to the offspring and if that endosymbiont doesn't work, then the offspring in not viable, so only functioning endosymbionts get passed on.

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Viruses aren't technically alive because they do not metabolize. Technically the smallest form of life is the cell, which they aren't.

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While technically you are wrong, that is unfortunately what is taught in high school and introductory undergrad biology courses. I would know, because for many years I taught an advanced biology class that covered this subject. Metabolism is one of the pillars of life and the viral factory does very much exhibit this trait. There are viruses that encode some of their own ribosomal components, but ignoring them, all viral factories use ATP in the process of producing virions and other components necessary for their life cycle. That right there, alone, is metabolism. Some virus exhibit additional metabolism by keeping cellular machinery intact after the viral take over. Any ATP that is synthesized after the viral factory's take over of the cell is also a direct result of the viral organism's metabolism, even if all the equipment for this production comes from the cell (which is not always the case).

Every year in the class I taught, the students had to write essays on whether virus was alive or not and not once did a student who picked no manage a passing grade, although my supervisor did insist that he could write a passing one, by negating all of the currently accepted pillars of life and redefining life in a way that also excluded most types of cells (it still wouldn't allow someone to say all cellular life is alive and all viral lfe is not and I always found it humorous when he mentioned it, because Eukarya, including humans, were not alive according to this redefinition of life).

Cellular life is something that evolved here on Earth. When we find extraterrestrial life, it will not be "cellular" as we currently know it, unless this life originated here on Earth and spread elsewhere. Even if there is a non-Earth originating life form that superficially looks like a cell, closer examination will show that it achieves this by different means, because the two will have originated independently. It is equally likely that non-parasitic extraterrestrial life will be found that superficially resembles viral Earth life. The odds of life originating separately and stumbling on the same solutions and processes is astronomical.

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Language needs to be accessible, concepts need to be easily understood. When your definition includes a new word which also has to be defined, extra confusion is created, not clarity.

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Also because asexual reproduction directly leads to problems from a lack of genetic diversity, e.g. entire communities being at risk of eradication from disease because they all have the same genetic makeup

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For the "gender critical feminists" section, maybe add a little more about what "gender criticism" is, how the concept of gender was developed in radical feminist thought as a name for a system that men use to exploit women. It's not just the new trans stuff, but was older, and is now also applied to the new trans stuff.

For the "gender" section from the GC perspective, maybe add something about gender being an oppressive system that helps men exploit women.

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Excellent summary, but I hope you don't mind if I make a respectful correction on one point.

"Gender Criticals believe that many societal factors have contributed to a rise in gender dysphoria cases (mainly in young men)"

This would have been correct a couple of decades ago, but at the current time the VAST majority of gender dysphoria cases are in young females (in the UK, there has been a 4000% increase in referrals of female children to its gender services in recent years, with no corresponding jump in referrals of male children; the current ratio is 4-5 referrals of female children to every one referral of a male child). Older people often aren't aware that this dramatic shift has occurred, so it's important to correct assumptions that this is a primarily male phenomenon - as a detransitioned woman myself I think it's very important newcomers understand the profound impact gender ideology is having on young women.

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I'll add that, do you have any sources perchance I can add this with?

[–]mambean[S] 8 insightful - 1 fun8 insightful - 0 fun9 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

If anyone wants new definitions added or to add to the peakening, just use this comment section.

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This is an excellent write up. Everyone should read this, regardless of their political identity or personal identity groups.

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Should there be information on autogynophilia - I see a lot of questions about that and I think it is key to seeing through some of the rhetoric - this in tandem with trans widows stories are very compelling evidence we are not just dealing with people 'who just want to pee' etc.

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Autogynephilia needs to be it's own distinct section that references Blanchard

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If anyone can identify as a man or woman, I guess a married man can identify as a bachelor, right? Because words don’t have transcendental, objective meaning and consistent definitions are bigotry?

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Thank you.