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So once upon a time there was a female-only Dianic witchcraft movement in the U.S. Many groups had official religious org status. I have friends who used to attend a huge, annual earth-based-religion conference in California called Pantheacon. The Dianic groups were also regular attendees.

Until . . . about five years ago, I think? When TRAs began protesting the female-only rituals and events. It escalated, year after year, until Dianics were no-platformed from the conference and, because of the constant pressure from TRAs and SJWs, the conference organizers announced (last year?) that they would hold no further events.

The TRA woman who led the initial protests has since moved onto Oregon, where, by her own public press, she's a professional protestor and status-quo-disruptor.

Pantheacon was huge and heavily attended for all the years of its existence. You can search online and read all about its demise.

So, based on that, no, I don't think being a faith-based-nonprofit would protect us at all from TRAs.

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There’s the vulva church of women’s witchcraft and pussy church of modern witchcraft

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I'm an atheist but I'd join in a heartbeat if there was a women's only feminist religion. No idea how to go about getting it started though.

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Cathy Brennan founded The Pussy Church of Modern Witchcraft and got it granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS a couple years ago. It doesn't seem to have caught on though.