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Pretty much every time the TIMs in sports was raised the guys were coming out with so many versions of 'they are men, it's cheating' that whole Reddit threads got deleted.

Just remember the rank and file of the population are only paying lip service to this trans crap because they are afraid of the fallout if they disagree publicly.

I think the eventual collapse of this is going to start with TIMS being kicked out of women's sports after their advantage becomes so obvious only the most hardcore TRAs will be complaining about it. That's probably about 12-18m away. Men may not give a crap about our safety, but cheat at sports and they will care.

This is going to have a knock on effect to the TWAW stance they cling too, because it's obvious they are different to women. It will be legally recognized that they are. The TRAs will still try to hang on to the other stuff at this point, and they'll probably double down on the harassment as they sense they are loosing ground.

The next thing is that about that time the current teenage girls being shunted through medical interventions without psych care will bring a class action lawsuit against the doctors involved. This is already being kicked around over on detrans, in another year or so enough of them will have grouped together to punch through the censorship as the MMM picks it up as a scandal that can sell papers.

About this point, the whole 'what did we do to the children' screams will start, and more of the mainstream will start openly digging through the other issues, like the safety of adult women. The whole TRA claim is that they are the most vulnerable in society, but they aren't. Mentally unwell children are, and if TIMs try to claim they should be in a higher position than the kids in the intersectional heirarchy, it won't go down well.

After that the bullshit image that they are all delicate little gender dysphoria cases will fall apart as it becomes clearer to the public most are now straight guys with a fetish and male offending behaviour.

The carefully worded polls that asked 'do you support trans rights' a few years ago depended on the public thinking all TIMs were HSTS with childhood GD. Once the public grasps thus is no longer true, the whole thing will finally collapse.

I've spent enough time arguing with female TIM sympathisers on Reddit to know most of them genuinely believe all TIMs had childhood GD. Crack that misconception and it will finally fall apart. It's why the TIMs go apeshit when you point out most are adult onset straight males who never had GD, and get sexually aroused by it.

So for now most advice to all of us is collect data, focus on how this is affecting kids and push the 'cheating bastards' line.

Remember most of the people who think we are the bad guys just haven't been exposed to the facts yet. They only know what they've been misled into believing.

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Oh, interested in the prospect of detransitioners suing - I hope they do. Is this something under serious discussion and in the pipeline?

It's the only way the US will pay attention to any if this.

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The more money clinics, BigPharma, Doctors make, I believe the lawyers will get curious. That is why anyone who gets treatment has to sign "informed consent" forms, because they KNOW this is malpractice and are covering their ass.

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Some of these detransitioners on YouTube were only 15 when they started on hormones! Can a 15-year-old can give 'informed consent' to making irreversible changes to their bodies that may well render them infertile? Some of them actually had hysterectomies (albeit they were probably older than 15 when that happened).

However, even 16 is too young to make that decision, imo.

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Plenty have already successfully sued but they have to keep silent to get the money.

The lack of legal repercussions isn't the problem, it's the secrecy.

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2020 olympics will have 6'4" men winning the women's weightlifting event. That will be the beginning of the end of trans.

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I think it’s a realistic take. I also just really hope lgb won’t be associated with TRAs and dragged down with them

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You're right on the money with all of this. Often though sport will peak trans most people - it's in-yer-face, glaringly obvious cheating and no one likes that.

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Men may not give a crap about our safety, but cheat at sports and they will care.

:DDD Probably true...

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Yep. It's gotten to the point where I'm about to just identify as a T-slur and take all the power from it. Apparently thinking that there's literally no way to sort out the fetishists who have ''belonging'' as part of their fetish and legit dysphoric trans people and for that reason opposing Self-ID laws makes me a TERF.

So fuck it. I'm a TERF. And they are MRAs. Let's see how they like polarizing labels that make them sound like oppressors.

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I am doing the same. Owning it. Solidarity. PS I am a lesbian who likes biological women only. I know T**f! Lol. I will see myself out. Lol

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Here's an idea, if a TIM tries to get into women's spaces, we'll just have all the women present identify as men, and all the men identify as women. Swap bathrooms, and continue as before with all the male bodied people on one side, and all the female bodied people on the other.

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Yeah, I had newly found GC and have been pretty sad about it being banned (though i know things are in the works!) but the more I think about it, the more I realize how completely out of touch with general reality and consensus the TRA narrative will be when they start bringing it offline. If their most effective strategy is just banning questions or dissenting opinion they are in for a rude awakening. It’s still so bewildering to that these online battles are being fought over such seemingly innocuous concepts.

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The more people realize the actual "list of demands", the more "terfs" every day. The "TWAW" crowd doesn't think beyond that. "Oh these evil people are picking on these poor fragile transwomen"--until they realize exactly what is going on. I myself (a lesbian) peaked when a "butch transbian" told me to my face that "all lesbians are transphobic" and went into a typical incel rant in my office. I've noticed a ton of the crowd going after JK Rowling with their torches and pitchforks on social media right now didn't bother to read what she wrote. Whereas I do feel that society is going to have to "learn the hard way" (some countries already are)---there is no way this movement is going to be sustainable for decades and centuries to come as they believe

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... so... the butch transbian was ALSO transphobic, by their own rules?

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Circular logic from the trans community? Never!

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If you want women's only (female) spaces like bathrooms, changing rooms, pools, support groups, etc.? TERF

If you're not okay about "inclusivity" preventing real women from accessing these spaces because of discomfort or religious reasons? TERF bunch of transphobes anyway /s

If you think political representation by a TiM is not female representation? TERF

If you think an entire STEM class of TiMs does not mean we are getting more women in science? TERF

If you think that 99% of people who do not have gender dysphoria are perfectly fine not being defined by the 1%'s gender identity dictatorship? TERF

If you respect other's opinions and voice your own when it's not the same? TERF

If you think punch a terf, shut up terf, b*, c, the harassment, and the threats are just a new form of misogyny to hurt real women for the sake of male feelings? TERF

If you dare think a male can never become female? TERF

If you think TiMs should make their own labels rather than trying to coopt the labels which had previously fought and won their battles, women, lesbian, gay, and bisexual? TERF

If you think the TiM idea of a woman sets us back in terms of progress? TERF

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Following the David Starkey controversy yesterday there was a meme going around Twitter calling Darren Grimes a TERF.

I'm like come on!!!

If uber conservative men are being called 'radical feminists' we really are in the upside down.

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Every transperson is a TERF.

How do you know if your gender identity doesn't align with your sex? Are you saying sex is binary? Are you saying there's just one gender identity for each sex? TERF!! What, you want hormones? You think being a woman has anything to do with estrogen? TERF!! Why are you trying to get onto the 'female' sports team? Don't you know ANY body can be a female body? And those menstruators could be any sex or gender. Did you ask everyone on the 'male' team how they identify or did you just assume YOU TERF!!

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the saddest part of this is the woke left turned on other allies in the left and attacked them, when they should be attacking actual redhats who want to hurt all LGB & T people

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It's not sad. We need those people to show their true faces.

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They're not the left.

They only identify as the left. Trans-left, if you like.

Genderism is solidly right-wing. While on one level I appreciate the platform that some right-wingers are giving us, I'm also extremely irritated at them because THEY started this.

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Beyond places like twitter and reddit, in real life, the majority of the world's population would be considered "TERFS". Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of that because they dominate so many social media spaces and their mob mentality forces so many who disagree with them to stay silent.

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Spending time around GC feminists has made me less actively supportive than I used to be, but I still fully support transidentified people in living their lives without judgment or prejudice. I use preferred pronouns. My primary TERF crime is in seeing transwomen as transwomen; they are a special category of person, not the same as me, not subject to the same biological limitations and strengths, not fully affected by sex-based inequities, and with their own problems and issues that I can't understand. We are different, and we should be allowed to acknowledge that.

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The vast majority of gc people want trans people to live free from prejudice. It is right that someone cannot lose their job for being trans (except in very rare circumstances where sex matters to the job). Trans people have the absolute right to live in safety. Their human rights should of course be protected. It is a myth that "terfs" object to any of those things. It is also a (bizarre) myth that GC people are denying trans people's "right to exist".

But - as you are aware, there are conflicts between women's rights and trans rights. I agree that transwomen are transwomen (not women). I don't want to change alongside a transwoman in a communal changing room at my local gym. I feel sorry for 12-year-old girls trying to deal with their periods for the first time in bathrooms that include natal males. I don't want to see women losing out on medals and scholarships to biological males who retain the advantages of male puberty. I don't want crime statistics to be manipulated to show that a rising number of females are now paedophiles and rapists.

I have concerns that the umbrella of 'transgenderism' is very broad and includes cross-dressers and men with autogynephilia (agp) as well as those with gender dysphoria. I know that many try to deny the existence of agp, but it exists and certain transwomen even admit to having it (Debbie Hayton for one).

As for preferred pronouns - well, let's be honest. It is a polite fiction we engage in so as to make life just a little bit easier for the person with gender dysphoria. It's the nice thing to do. However, I do believe this ought to be a choice. I am not in favour of compelled speech.

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I distinguish between transsexuals and transwomen. I have absolutely no problem with transsexual women who have had surgery and hormones and legally changed their gender being in communal changing rooms or wherever, though I would probably draw the line at them competing in women's sports. I have a massive problem with self ID and intact trans-identified males being in our spaces eg. autogynephiles.

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I'm not okay with anyone pretending to be something they're not, backed up by the government. These are all still men. The honest ones will admit it, too.

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Agreed completely.

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On the topic of women’s sports. I’m certainly not an old woman not even middle aged & it was only after I’d graduated that women’s sports had separate public school funding than men’s if there was a shortage they did fundraising yet the fundraising was separate & I’m sure we all know men’s sports raised more money from the community. We couldn’t afford a separate men’s & women’s coach in all sports; the men’s coach would assume the women’s coach position. It seems such a slap in the face now that the need for females sports education is acknowledged allow it to becomes a free for all of identification; they didn’t give enough of a shit about females rights to participate in sports but now they care about everyone. It really seems disingenuous. Where were all these kind people just a short while ago?

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Heterosexual men scream at the top of their lungs that TWAW... though they will likely never date a transwoman or suck a gurl-dik.

Hey, Danny Radcliffe, maybe you want to lead by example and show all the men how it's done? ;-)