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Transwomen are men. Enough of this nonsense.

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It is amazing that new hierarchy they've created in their heads where TiM's are the highest form of "woman"(what they think a woman is, the clothes, makeup, exaggerated mannerisms, etc), yet actual, real women are somehow down the ladder somewhere. They seek to destroy the thing they wish to become. It would be funny if it wasn't so damn frightening how society at large is eagerly going along with it, including many younger "people in possession of uteri".

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Trans women are a subset of men.

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Trans women are not women.

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I had to look up some health information recently, and I was horrified how many mainstream sites no longer say "woman" but instead use "people with a vagina" or other unnecessary phrases -- imagine if we only ever called Canada "our neighbor to the North"! It has a name. Canada. Only if you've repeated it umpteen times you might want to use a different description. Do we really need to do that for women???