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It certainly is depressing. They have tried to cut out our tongues, but I feel confident we cannot be silenced. Already this sub appears to be quite active when compared to the other subs on this platform (looking at the 'users here now' vs. subscribers). Women are desperate to find a voice of reason, a group where they can belong and speak their minds and be heard. Now with people like JK Rowling speaking out, maybe it will start becoming safer for us to move our activism beyond the internet, into the real world. In the past it used to be too taboo to speak of issues such as abortion, but our feminist foremothers persevered and now it's not quite as controversial to be pro-choice. Gender identity and pornography are some of this generation's largest fights, and we must take it seriously and do want we can to retain our rights and fight for further change.

In ancient Greek myth, Philomela was raped and had her tongue cut out, so in order to get her voice heard she wove her story into a tapestry. We have so many talented, intelligent, resourceful women on our side. It's time to weave our tapestries and speak our truth!

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It's ok to be depressed about this, but I think some good things will come out of it. People will become more aware of exactly what kind of cesspool reddit is. I have to admit that I didn't go down the rabbit hole if all the quasi legal porn subs, because YUCK, but now that's coming to light. Some people on broader social media are now hearing the phrase "gender critical" for the very first time and realizing they're not alone. I loved GC but it was a nice patch of buttock next to a festering butthole. At some point we will have a new home that's not downwind from men presenting their family members as jerk off material (to pick one at random). ❤️

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I loved GC but it was a nice patch of buttock next to a festering butthole.

LOLLLLL I fucken love this

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Don't lose hope. Keep your eye on social media (twitter and spinster) for information about the new GC website. Here is a message the GC mods posted on Spinster yesterday:


We are the mods of the radical feminist subreddit r/GenderCritical. Since we were banned by Reddit we have been working hard to get our community together again.

We are happy to announce that, with some amazing new volunteers, we are busily working on a new site which will restore our opportunity to speak freely about issues that concern women, including male violence, prostitution, pornography – and the growing impacts of gender identity upon women’s hard-won rights. It will have the format we enjoyed before, but this time, we will own the website and the data. No one will be able to take it from us again. It will be bigger in scope than r/gendercritical. If you're looking for a new home for your community, it may be an option for you. We are working out the details. Please note: we are NOT raising any funds at this time.

RedditHatesWomen #ForTheSisterhood #GenderCritical

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I can assure you that the former GC modteam are working like demons on this and have big ambitions. Every day we are making progress. Keep watching the SM accounts for announcements.

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It is a setback but also a glaring tell that they are getting scared. The GC sub was growing like crazy. Our numbers used to be MINISCULE next to popular trans subs and by the time they tried to tape our mouths shut we were about half the size of asktransgender. And we were gaining ground everyday.

All this did was make me bolder. I'm out on facebook now. I refuse to censor myself if the topic comes up. The tide is changing.

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They're planning to brigade ban female hate subs again, as well as terf is a slur. Reddit is toxic, and I refuse to make another account with them. It also seems Twitter is getting overrun with transbots, as I just got a message they want to roll out some auto-mod feature that changes pronouns from he/she to they/them. Ridiculous. I am convinced a lot of this has to do with the trans community being pro-porn as well as men. Media/tech companies make bank off porn. Women like us speak out against it, therefor they silence us.

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i think they should replace all women in porn with TIMs

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I deleted my reddit account. I was too active for sure, mostly on GC and feminist subs. But the idea of not having a forum is scary and depressing. I knew reddit was filled with incels but I thought naively they were evolved enough to let us have our own space. What did they leave- only women’s subs filled with TIMs or that have some other excuse to exist like witches and patriarchy or FDS. You know those girls, they are only non-threatening if they’re primarily focused on imaginary things or dating.

I guess they couldn’t get away with cancelling the lgb drop the t sub, because THAT would be discriminatory.

I agree with you, feeling depressed and see it as a sign of a much larger problem.