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Yeah I'm sure that's what really goes on during conversion therapy. They just sit gay people down and have a nice chat with them about accepting themselves.

/s, obviously.

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And yet absolutely no outrage over TRAs pushing dick on lesbians, because that's not conversion therapy, that's just re-education for hateful TERF bigots!

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FFS. Are you kidding me. It seems that these super "woke" people also never learned to read and they certainly do not understand sarcasm. They're Alanis Morissetteing on that word very ironically. Anyway I have read the JKR tweets and my lord, where does she ever say anything about supporting "conversion therapy?" Where?! Massive eyeroll.

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The gaslighting is starting to make many of us feel like we're going insane. JKR was a tipping point for me too. I was pertty much on board with GC views before that, but see the pile on of JKR sent me over the top.

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I saw someone said Rowling was for conversion therapy and I didn't understand where they got that. Now I do but this is a complete reinterpretation of what she actually said and insane.