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What are you trying to confirm from JK's article? How many children desist? How big is the increase in the number of TIF children in the UK? Those are all pretty easy to confirm, just google them.

I guess I don't understand what you want sourced. But most everything she wrote about is pretty common knowledge among GC women, and was discussed extensively on the old GC forum.

I feel like this is the second post you've made trying to discredit her essay. First you posted that juvenile and patronizing youtube video.. and now these "innocent" questions, accusing her of using a Christian blog or whatever that is as her source. (I seriously doubt she would use the Christian Post as a source at all, but certainly not her only source.)

And maybe I'm reading more in to this than I should. I am a paranoid bitch at times. But, these posts just feel disingenuous.

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You're not paranoid, or if you are you have every right to be. I deleted that post, it was disingenuous, if that's the right word. It came from hearing all the backlash and much of it screaming for sources, which you're right I should have tried harder to look up on my own. Too much social media, not enough thinking for myself (it's one of my greater flaws, I'm working on it.) I promise I am not at all trying to discredit JKR, it was a knee jerk reaction that was all. I'm going to look up some of these sources I wanted myself now and put them all in one place instead of the one I deleted. Thanks for your honesty, I needed that.

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Nah. I'm sorry.

It's just unfortunate that this sub doesn't have the resources the old one did in the sidebar. There was a lot of good information there.

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Please, don't be sorry, you were right. I actually had only joined the old subreddit a few days before it was taken down, so I've been in a little bit of a spiral as I didn't get to look at everything I wanted to. Very annoying but hopefully they will get the new site they are working on up soon and all the resources a girl could ask for!

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Ask yourself why in the UK their government health care system just admitted that they have no clue what effect pubity blockers have on children? It was done very quitly. In the past the claim was they were fully reversible. Based on absolutely nothing.

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Whatever your intentions, the vagueness of your enquiry serves to cast doubt: on JKR's integrity (which may or may not be your purpose in posting) or on your own aims. Ask for sources on specific points of information to avoid this ambiguity.

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I realize that, and I've deleted it. I appreciate the honesty, as I replied to someone else, these posts are a bit of a knee jerk reaction to the backlash. My intention wasn't to question JKR's integrity, and I should have worked harder to find what I wanted myself. I think the next thing I post will be the list of sources I wanted, to make up for this one. Again, thank you for the honesty.