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They are tagging anyone they deem "anti-trans" and tracking you about reddit to get you banned and stop you from creating subs etc.

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Yes. It’s like they’re branding you if you go on a so-called “hate sub” EVER!

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That's funny, because the admins have been telling us mods in a mainstream woman's subreddit that subreddit participation is NOT an acceptable reason to ban the user, and could result in us being removed. We are allowed to ban, say, a poster on T_D (before it got the axe) ONLY if they break the rules, not a moment before.

The idea was that nobody should be branded a bad-faith user simply based off subreddit participation. Back when reddit gave a shit about assuming good faith.

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They're full of crap, because in the threads where they mention PCOS, the activists specifically talk about how "GC posters go to that sub" and how they want to shut it down/ muck it up for that very reason.

[–]yamashita 4 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 0 fun5 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child) if we flood the TRA subs, what happens then?

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No idea. I don't plan on going back there regardless aside from viewing the drama going on.

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“In theory”, reddit admins would have written criteria for reasons that they would ban a sub, and only act if a sub met those criteria. AHS whiners could complain all they want, but it wouldn’t matter if the sub didn’t meet the criteria. “In theory”.

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That's fucked. The way they are hunting people down is absolutely insane. And cruel. I'm so glad I left that site for good now.

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Yeah, Reddit can rot in its own greasy neckbeard swamp of losers. Let them rot.

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I'm assuming they base this on poster history, so if anyone had a GC post history anything they make is toast.

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there's something going on at reddit HQ. They are complicit in cruel and destructive actions. it's not just the AHS woke folks throwing fits. there must be people high up at reddit who are pushing the same agenda.

At this point I'm just assuming there must be at least one TiM near the top of Reddit who's driving this.

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Could anybody please briefly introduce me to the PCOS sub drama? I honestly struggle to imagine how such sub was banned.

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some TRAs started posting to police people's language. Like, "trans men get PCOS too, so instead of saying women with PCOS, say people with PCOS". That kind of stuff. Everyone at PCOS told them to stuff it. So TRAs complained to Reddit, who removed many of the mods and replaced them with trans women and natal men. So now it's an "inclusive" space where women need to self-censor their own words when discussing their bodies and the disease they struggle with.

But here's the thing - I don't think there were any trans men who were offended by the women-centered language at r/PCOS. I think it was the trans women who were incensed that there was a woman's space they weren't welcome in (because they didn't have PCOS), so they came up with an excuse to take it over. I've seen several posts from TiMs on the new r/PCOS where they see it as an opportunity to center their own experiences on hormones or side effects. It's really gross.

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Thank you. Holy fuck.

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AHS-members use a masstagger and they are above the rules.