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I 100% believe that a large number of transwomen, transmen, and "intersex" TRAs that we see online are just play-pretending on the internet. Just look at Danielle Muscato or Jake Ally (secretgamergirl on Twitter). Why they pretend is another matter - for clout, for popularity, for attention? Or perhaps to ~pwn the feminists~ since it looks like many of the TiMs are just gross incels who turned their misogyny into a trans identity.

Your post helps confirm this theory, so thanks for the info! The more info we can collect, the stronger our movement will become.

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She equally pretends to be under the BIPOC label, but she is a white woman.

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Dang. Honestly... this might be getting a bit meta, but I think we, as a species, are really still learning how to deal with this thing, the internet. We didn't evolve to be looking at screens at engaging at people through a flat surface where they don't physically exist. For basically all of our history, we've only been able to see and engage with people if they were right in front of face. But now, with the internet, you can create this whole other persona and be whatever you want to be. And it can feel almost real. I mean, most people's social media is a very polished version of the messy person behind the screen, so even if that is not totally different from their actual self, there is still an element of playing someone different, someone better and more perfect.

People can lie a little bit (look how amazing and perfect my life is~) or a lot (I'm intersex) and other humans who interact with that can't really gauge what is real and what is not. It's tough, also mentally consuming to be in doubt about everything. So they can get away with it.

And now we've created this hierarchy of identity politics, where the most marginalized get's the most points. Their pain, is real pain. They have moral superiority. Their truth is the real truth even when it has no bearing in reality. There was a man whose son died, but the guy was white, and a man, straight, etc. So because of his identity, apparently to these woke people, losing his son wasn't that bad. I mean, he has all that 'privilege'.

With it being so easy to be anyone online, and the shove of identity politics into our culture, this seems like a natural outcome. She can get the victim points and other humans will have trouble discerning what is real about her, so you interact with them as if it is, which in turn builds up the realness of it in the brain of the person making it up.

And there are a lot of people who spend all their time on their phones. Even when they seem super talkative online. I met up with someone who seemed really cool online when we happened to be traveling to the same place overseas, and she basically spent the whole time on her phone, unable to actually have a real conservation. For some of these people, it's like their profiles online, are who they are.

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For the case of my ex, I honestly believe she is just a pathological liar with a victim complex. She makes up all sorts of stories about things that never happened between her and other people, about people mistreating her when she's out and about. Stories I was supposedly involved in (ie she told a story about how I was apparently jumped for being a lesbian and she defended me), but never actually happened. She posts endlessly in the My Parents/InLaws/Siblings/etc are Narcissists subs about how everyone abuses her, using made up scenarios. She posts about difficulties in jobs she's never had, and completion of degrees at universities she's never attended.

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It sounds like you had a relationship with Trump.For a lot of people Trump is the first time seeing someone lie so blatantly and however upsetting it is to witness Trump's behaviourm it must be ten times worse to be in a close relationship with someone like that.

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To be fair I always think half if the people posting on those "my x is a narcissist" subs are narcissists themselves.

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For some of these people, it's like their profiles online, are who they are.

You said it perfectly. I remember back when I was using online dating (total shitshow), the people I was meeting ended up feeling betrayed or used in some way when I decided not to pursue a relationship after meeting up. One even told me, outright, that the person I met online was their ''real'' self, so to reject them on the basis of how they physically came across in person is shallow and mean. I could so easily see a uwu cute transgirl thinking that the entire world is going to think they're just so adorable irl, and fume when the reality is different.

I no longer make friends or real connections online. It's only ''real'' when we met up, no matter how much they bleat otherwise. Lasting, intimate relationships don't happen behind a screen.

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I'm starting to see AHS as the real problem with Reddit, with the misogynist/redpill/incel crowd serving the same purpose as the wokie-woke handmaidens. Screeching hordes of flying monkeys, all making sure women feel unwelcome and are chased out.

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AHS is just the outsourced right hand of the admins.