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r/askgaybros has been pretty vocal about only liking actual dick, but since this is something that only affects trans men, they probably won't care

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Transmen are females, and Reddit admins only care about males. As far as I am aware there were transmen in /r/PCOS, and yet it needed to be inclusive to transwomen for some reason, so mods were changed to be "more inclusive" and to have male there. Seems Reddit completely embraced manosphere idea.

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Behold the power of the XY -- in all its flavors. Even LGBdroptheT can afford to walk on eggshells around "TIM" and "TIF" . . . slog through enough first-person misogyny and you learn damned quick that eggshells are for crushing, they'll stalk and ban you whether you tiptoe or no.

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Got banned for using the word "TIM", which I didn't even really know was a slur (although I guess trans identified male doesn't sufficiently acknowledge TWAW). I refuse to participate in the saidit reincarnation, as far as I'm concerned the LGB "community" is part of the problem.

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Wow. Well, you know how the whole "caving" process goes . . . as long as TRA/trans culture is enmeshed with PDs, there will be no end to what we're required to give up to keep the peace.

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What does TIM and TIF means ?

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trans identified male and trans identified female, as I understand it.

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Why would that be banned ?

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You tell me. But the saidit reincarnation also forbids TIM and TIF. From the sidebar rules:

Racism, homophobia, slurs, and otherwise derogatory comments are not allowed. These include, but are not limited to: faggot, feminazi, gaping wound, butchery/mutilation, TERF, TIM/TIF, tranny, trap, troon.

My guess it does not conform to the ideology that TWAW, i.e. it's "misgendering" transgender individuals. Since the language is still in existence in the saidit version of LGBDroptheT, I am assuming that they are still bending to the ideology. In social discourse I would never be so impolite as to misgender someone, but all the politeness in the world does not change the fact of biological sex.

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The banning of r/truelesbians was proof to me that the banwaves had nothing to do with 'transphobia' and everything to do with centering trans identities and silencing people and spaces that didn't. There should be nothing objectionable about a space for biological women who are sexually oriented towards other biological women.

I checked out r/actuallesbians and ugh - nothing but TRA activism and fetishism. A thread that just said 'Fuck TERFS... that is all'. Selfies of greasy obese men calling themselves an 'average lesbian' (it's actually very gross that they solicit selfies at all. Many participants are minors.)

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I've been to that sub a few times to see how overrun it was. Every time I went, there would be a much-liked meme of some cartoon and a slogan like "If your lesbianism doesn't include dicks, you're not a lesbian!" or some other phallic worship BS. It's obvious they run those constantly. It comes across as a recurring threat so everyone remembers to stay quiet about real lesbianism. So creepy.

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My friend gave me this link yesterday:

And it is really showing.

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Who is still denying that Reddit hates women? lol

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women should take notes of all these movements you are in to protest in favor of and see who returns the favor when you need it.

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That and TIFs are just hoping for acceptance and happy when they get it.. I bet that if they go into a male community and get rejected they just quietly go elsewhere They don't go all guns blazing into spaces that aren't theirs and burn it all to the ground when people push back.

90% of the FTMs I've met are pretty cool people. They just want to live their lives and generally aren't constantly on the lookout for a fight. MTFs on the other hand...

Male socialisation at work.

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I have a couple of old friends (one from high school and one from vocational school) that are trans men, but they would go change in the women's locker room, lived in female dorms. I would use he/him b/c I actually like being around them. They were pretty chill, so I can confirm most of them aren't like the mtfs/tims.

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As i say, most MtF are trancels nowadays. FtM (femcels) is following the same pattern as early MtF but slower.