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Great post. It's on all of us to build those same types of communities on other platforms, like this one. Keep supporting free speech platforms, so there are always alternatives and another Reddit can't happen.

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What if we did a ''find your people'' megathread here? To brainstorm the spaces people miss most on reddit and to create them afresh on another sub..saidit?

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I agree. Reddit was the only social media I still used. I wasn't even a regular poster/lurker at GC, but this whole situation with JKR being harassed and then a whole bunch of pro-woman subs getting banned while violent porn and misogyny was left standing has just pushed me over the edge.

Currently deleting my comment history and then I'm closing my account. Not sure where else to go that allows such a diverse range of people to discuss different topics all in one place. Unfortunately Saidit doesn't seem particularly active.

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Before you inactivate, consider posting about the hypocrisy of Reddit to each sub you can. That is my big regret

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Too late. I thought of that but didn't really see that it would make much difference. I did put 'Because Reddit hates women' as my reason for leaving though.

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Good for you!!

I put that they had become one dimensional and boring.

I hope the misogynists get bored and leave next lol

It will be like how abusing partners can’t be alone without someone to abuse

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If anyone wants to delete her comments:

I have not used any online social media since '09, except reddit.

Always diversify. ;)

All the insteresting stuff seems to be moving from reddit anyways, they are going the way of tumblr.

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I have stopped posting - but now I'm going around silently downvoting our stalker subs, because it's not brigading anymore and I'm petty like that :)

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I deleted both of my accounts, one was almost 5years old.

My regret is not posting about RedditHatesWomen and the /detrans cancellation to every site I had access to first

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at least don't use the app and always use an ad blocker when you're on the site.

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This. Reddit found out my email not because I provided it to ''verify'' any account, but because I downloaded the app and it found out my email. Biggest mistake.

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I left. the small communities aren't worth being apart of if I can only be apart of them if I believe certain things. Every other sub I was on was pro tra. Stuff like you can't be xyz if don't believe in abc. Like ya I can I just won't tell you about it. It's become an absurd echochamber. I'm glad to be free of it.

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Yeah, and leave a message as to why you quit on the way out!

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Yep, dump reddit. I honestly don’t think women are safe on their point blank. Many of the high level activists on there are excellent hackers.

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Reddit GC was the only place I could post the short articles I had written and stories about my experiences. I have little formal education so nobody else would publish my stuff, so reddit was where I felt appreciated.