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Sometimes women need services and spaces that don't include men. Including this. This whole trans movement has shocked me as to how little compassion and thought there is for women. The validation and feelings of men and boys are more important than the feelings and saftey of women and girls. This isn't a rights movement, it's a movement where domination and the oppression of women and girls is the goal. That men activley participate in it and that other men just silently watch it happening not giving a damn, has totally made me distrust men.

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This is the kind of news article which will peak members of the general public. We need to remember that your average person isn't on twitter/reddit and hasn't thought much about these issues. So they might respond positively to generalised 'be kind' messages. But these kind of stories bring home the reality behind the slogans.

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How many people read or watch the news, though? And how many will care?

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I would like to think that these type of TiM actions and demands would not only kill their image but serve certain half conscious members to rebel or at least peak, but this never seems to occur. Instead they continue to operate and practice the most stark aggression without any sense of danger, or of being perceived as wrong or mentally unbalanced. I used to think that r/GC’s being a public sub was beneficial to peaking even TiMs, and maybe this happened to a few sincere souls among the cult, but I sure wish more of them (even those not peaking) would speak out publicly and condemn actions such as this invasion of rape-crisis centers.

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So, they're rolling out the red carpet to predators?

We truly are in the most dystopian timeline.

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Look up Danielle Muscato. Straight up a middle aged balding man. "She" took videos in a women's shelter. Show that to anyone who thinks self ID is a good idea.

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I feel ill...

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You can bet men who do this find it sexually arousing. That is why they do it. Never forget these men are sexual deviants.