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White women are the current scapegoat. The whole Karen meme has really turned me. I’m against racism and entitlement attitudes by both men and women, I hope that goes without saying. But men aren’t laughed at and ridiculed in directed attacks, they’re just accepted as the norm.

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I'll allow ''Karen'' to be a thing, even though it stopped being funny after about 5 minutes, once there's a male equivalent in place that achieves the same popularity.

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Come on now, don't be a Dick.

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If you compare those two sets of Google results, it’s clear that people are either more respectful/fearful of white men, or perhaps they simply know that white women are already easier to reach because women are socialized to be more tender-hearted and self-doubting. Those two women who charge white women $2500 for getting yelled at over dinner know this perfectly well:

“If you did this in a conference room, they’d leave,” Rao says. “But wealthy white women have been taught never to leave the dinner table.”

Rao and Jackson believe white, liberal women are the most receptive audience because they are open to changing their behavior. They don’t bother with the 53% of white women who voted for Trump. White men, they feel, are similarly a lost cause. “White men are never going to change anything. If they were, they would have done it by now,” Jackson says.“

I couldn’t believe the emotional abuse that goes on at these dinners:

“Across from Campbell-Swanson, Morgan Richards admits she recently did nothing when someone patronizingly commended her for adopting her two black children, as though she had saved them. “What I went through to be a mother, I didn’t care if they were black,” she says, opening a window for Rao to challenge her: “So, you admit it is stooping low to adopt a black child?” And Richards accepts that the undertone of her statement is racist.“

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Over time, the media blame shifts reliably from one group of women to the next. Not long ago it was "illegal (female) immigrants and their anchor babies." Before that it was "minority women on welfare" (I'm using the journalism-speak of the times these were trending headlines.) The one thing they all have in common = women.

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and now black women are responsible for black trans murders according to TRAs... headdesk.

misogyny is always popular.

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I'm just wondering how the fuck we made the jump from BLM to ''trans rights are human rights''. Of course their example has to be black transwomen or people would point out (correctly) that they're once again riding the coattails of someone else's fight and trying to make it about them.

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one of the leaders of BLM global is a transwoman as far as I understood. Shrugs.

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They have no choice but to b/c their actual numbers are so small. They infiltrate and take over. They show up as "we're with you" but it turns into "now you're with us !" Social media is driving all of this b/c of the performative wokeness aspect which permeates almost all of these "movements". Being seen as actively involved in these "justice" movements far outweighs what the person actually believes. It is the modern day equivalent of the guy who minors in women's studies in order to meet girls. "Big protest ? i gotta get down there or everyone will think I'm racist, sexist, whatever-phobe". That is what it is all about with I'd say 90% of the people who show up to these marches.

The George Floyd thing is a case in point. Celebrities and everyone else publicly mourning a dude they'd never have gone near in a MILLION years in real life. The fact that he was essentially a lifelong criminal who held a gun to and beat a pregnant woman means nothing b/c they can use him to advance their cause.

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Well, there’s a lot of people who knew George Floyd who say he tried to turn his life around after leaving prison. I do think it’s telling though that Breonna Taylor didn’t get the same level of attention even though she was an EMT who only contributed positive things to society.

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If you go to the black lives matter movement's webpage, they say they affirm trans identities and such.

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The trans cult is dominated by male parasites.

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Next in line after white women to become the next scapegoat, black women. But Im ready best believe lol.

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The trouble is in the last year the exact same logic and language has been turned on black women.

You can't do easy point scoring or blaming without it being turned on you. The people in power are always the ones controlling what narrative gets heard, if you think they are on your side simply because you are right you are sadly mistaken.

I mean I've even seen GC women saying things like white women specifically fake rape claims or tears. This is the same dehumanising language abusers use against women but made woke. That's 100% going to be used against all women eventually, you don't have to be a psychic to see that coming. Also it's mostly been promoted by a white women who is quite racist herself.

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I’ve noticed that white women and black women both get guilt tripped with the story of poor Emmett Till.

After the Amy Cooper incident, mentions of Emmett Till skyrocketed. It used to be that I mostly saw conservative white men using Emmett Till as a cautionary tale to argue that MeToo was going too far. Now the left is all like, “DiD yOU kNoW wHIte WomEn SoMEtiMeS Lie aBOUt RaPE???”

Ok, so maybe white women are lying Jezebels. What about black women who are sexual assault victims? Surely no one would have the chutzpah to shame THEM with Emmett Till? Oh wait:

“After she came forward, Ms. Watson said that a black male friend told her that he could not believe that she was “going to do this to a black man.”

On social media, strangers described her as opportunistic, dismissed her as a pawn to take down Mr. Fairfax and equated her to the white woman who falsely accused Emmett Till of flirting with her, leading to his lynching in 1955.“

“There have been just too many false charges filed against black men,” said Marty Jewell, a former Richmond, Va., city councilman who, along with other older black civic leaders, criticized what he felt was a rush to judgment against Mr. Fairfax. “We do know that women, through their scorn, have made false charges against men to get even.”

“Aliyah Young, 17, a black activist in Chicago, often protests police abuse against black people, which factored into her decision not to call out her own attacker, she said.”

God, this poor kid. Assaulted by a fellow high school student, and chose not to report it because she didn’t want to get a black boy in trouble.

Whatever happened to the feminists who used to pop up and say “actually, there are very few false rape allegations” in every conversation? I haven’t heard a peep out of them since Amy Cooper and viral Karen videos became a whole thing.

I will not defend Amy Cooper’s nasty behavior. But I’m cynical about the intentions of men who post in r/FuckYouKaren or create things like the CAREN Act (why is it gendered? Do women actually make more racially biased 911 calls than men? Do we have any actual data on that?).

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It is weird to follow this discussion from distance. I am European, white, academic, and middle aged. Sounds privileged, right? As I tell in my peak trans text, I grew up in a religious group led by men and was oppressed in many ways growing up. I also was severely bullied at school because of my background. Falling out of the religious group I ended up with people I should never have had anything to do with. I experienced violence for years.

I have spent most of my life in a country with not that many POC. I have learned about the privilege I have as a white person and I feel nothing but compassion towards POC, who face racism and hate because of their skin. POC here are mostly refugees and they have it rough: severe trauma, lack of language skills, some are illiterate etc. I feel like I am incredibly lucky to have been born here.

At the same time, I feel not so privileged. I am dealing with the trauma for the rest of my life, have lost lot of people when I left the religious group, have had years of struggling without anyone to support me. I made it this far and I am happy for it.

Too bad I will be Karen as soon as I open my mouth. White women are to be seen, not heard. It irritates me a lot at times that “white” seems to mean American people anyway. I am white but I have a hugely different background from the white women in even European countries. There are white women from poor countries coming here to do heavy work at farms. I would not call them privileged just because they're white.

Calling white women Karens is just one phase of the same phenomenom. It is and will be a campaign to ridicule women. As someone already said; it will be another group of women next.

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The internet is dominated by loud American voices. It's a pain.

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The video of Amy Cooper starts after the guy tells her "I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do and you're not gonna like it". Then he tries to grab her dog. He films her reaction to that. He admits this on his FB page. She had reason to be afraid. If I was in a secluded area and a guy twice my size did that I would draw my gun.

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She did not need to say "I am going to tell them there is a Black man following me," and then subsequently yell it when videos show them at a far distance from each other. She did this with deliberate intent given the lived reality of Black people in America. Moreover, she has a history of being a predator, if you examine the fact that she stalked a guy who rejected her advances, and then tried to make it seem as if he was abusing her. She is not mentally well and should not be used as an example of how oppressed White Women are.

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Her back story doesn't alter the fact that Chris Cooper is a bully that would not dare to pull the same crap with a man his size.

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It indicates that she is a bully herself, and that her story is not anymore credible than his own. She is not an innocent bystander who went for a walk and did not have nefarious intent with what she was doing.He may have used his physical size to intimidate him, and she crippled him by using the fact that he is Black in America. So far they are equal in my eyes.

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Yet she is the one that has had her life ruined. Who has the power here? White people do not dare to defend themselves because they will lose their livelihoods and their freedom.

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I feel the same way every day as a Black woman. Powerless. I work four times as hard, and if I ever outlined my accomplishments it would seem outrageous that I did all that by my given age. I had no choice if I ever wanted a small piece of the pie. I am over-educated, overqualified, and over everything just so that someone can't demean me or call me the N word for walking down an upper class street with the colour of my skin.

The truth is that the entire outcome would have gone differently had it not been recorded. We should all admit this to ourselves regardless of how we feel about how it transpired. It made me realize that I should record every interaction that I have with anyone that is slightly confrontational, and I am a slim and quiet woman. I still do not have any trust that due to the colour of my skin, I would not be told I am a liar.

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The guy won't testify and is being hailed as some form of hero for doing so. The reality is that the entire tape would probably paint him in a different light.

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The video of Amy Cooper starts after the guy tells her "I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do and you're not gonna like it". Then he tries to grab her dog.

It is reasonable that she feared for her safety.

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There was a great study done to see if there was still an outcome gap by race that had 20 million participants, all older millennials/young gen X. The survey studied their parents income/wealth and then compared it to theirs at roughly the same age. This a particularly good equality indicator because it tells you whether it's about class, you can judge everyone by the income they were born with and see if they did better,worse, or the same. Its social mobility.

Black and white women had no difference in outcome. The low income women, middle, and upper class women all ended up in the same spot. Black women actually came out a little bit ahead in income.

The men were a completely different story. There was a wide difference in outcomes, where black men earned significantly less and had a smaller chance of moving up from low income. Yet both were above women as a whole.

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Google pedophilia— you’ll get pages of pedo apologism. Dump google.