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Your kid kicks ass. If I ever become a parent myself I'd love to join a GC parenting sub. I live perilously close to the country of ''hens'' and I want nothing to do with that madness

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This is what I worry about a lot. I've also ordered but not yet received Irreversible Damage.

My daughter is only a few months old but should she end up anything like me she would be a perfect target for this madness. This is one of the reasons I got into this mess. To help end it before she starts puberty.

Oh and congrats to your really smart daughter! Sounds like you did a great job as a parent.

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Thanks for sharing! I personally dont mind these posts here but Id absolutely go to and follow a GC parenting sub. I have a son and I worry now after seeing so many very, very young kids in the DIYtrans (extremely dangerous how is this allowed on reddit?!), posting photos in the trans pic subs, and of course the egg_irl that gives troubled lonely kids a "new better life". I saw a photo of a kid that wrote their parents a long elaborate cringe worthy letter about how they identify now and why. I think they were 14 and of course the group just gives praise and validates instead of maybe encouraging them to actually have a talk with their parents or counselor. It just all feels so fringe and it blows my mind how no one is allowed to call out or question this cult like behavior.

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Well done for talking to your daughter about this! I'd love a GC Parenting sub. One of the reasons that I lurk on GC and other similar subs is out of concern for my kids - and of course their peers - and this crazy world they are maturing into. A few things had caught my eye recently made me think my son (15) was getting sucked into the trans thing. As it turned out he came out to me as Bi. I can't tell you how relieved I was when he said that. I was wondering how to broach the trans thing with him- it isn't easy. Especially when you believe, as I do, that in the vast majority of (male) cases trans is driven by AGP. Who wants to talk to their mum about that?! So now I am coming at it from another perspective- the need to ensure my son has the right tools to deal with the particular brand of trans-inspired bi/homophobia that could come his way once he starts going into LGBT spaces as a young adult. I am at least grateful that he is not a little boy in these times. He was always being mistaken for a girl- wears his hair long to this day, definitely a 'pretty boy' and would regularly put the princess dresses on during dressing up. Can you imagine what would have happened to him these days?