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I might be going against the grain here, but I think it's a bit too soon to start fragmenting this newly formed baby sub. We are reorganizing and we need to stick together. I encourage other users to post more articles from their part of the world. We need to regroup and remake our large community first.

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US-based member here. I agree. Splintering into different interest groups at this stage could be deadly. Let's focus on building our community up again.

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There is no splintering. Most people post on multiple radfem/gender critical groups anyways.

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I just kinda wish when people posted an article here, they would add the country in brackets at the end of the title.

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People will still complain about an article being US centric even when people do that. You can't win. Also I sometimes prefer to hear from my country women and want to weed out other opinions. There is a time and place for global focus and a time for a more national one.