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If you're curious about radical feminism, there are a lot of online resources you can check out. is probably a good starting point. by Nine-Deuce is also a good place to dive in, though you need a Wordpress account.

Gail Dines has some videos on Youtube that explain some basic points about why pornography is bad for women (her videos aren't super depressing either, so that's a plus).

IF you decide to start speaking out, remember to take care of yourself. It's the responsibility of adults to deal with these problems, not teenagers.

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I think most schools in non-woke areas are happy to ignore these topics. I grew up in a small town, quite conservative, and these subjects were never broached. Although it's been several years since I graduated, my family still lives there and I'm sure things are the same. Parents would certainly protest if anything along these lines came up, either for or against. I don't think religious folks there would take kindly to their children learning about radical feminism either.