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This. It's an old trick, with Google especially

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Good call -- saw that.

Another reason why I'm not building GC docs through Google (or any big tech apps) . . . hoping the new GC site will have open source features for document security.

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Also, I figure you already know how to do this, but encrypt and password protect your documents. You can do this in Word/microsoft and Adobe.

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Brilliant! Yes.

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Thank you. And thank my legal tech training.

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We so need people with your savvy on these forums.

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Aw, thank you! ;)

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If Google file sharing links are set to public, your information should not be visible to others if you browse.

With that said it's good practice to avoid letting Google know your personal interests anyway.

If I'm wrong I'll delete this comment.

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Wow thank you for mentioning this. I unknowingly clicked on a link to a google album (the link didnt even mention so I assumed imgur) and noticed it said "logged in as xyz@gmail. I sorta freaked out and backed out but it had my heart racing as the email name could 1000% dox me.

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Same, that's why I made the post! I THINK we'll be okay but yeah, it's just good to be aware.

That's why I'm doing the hover with all links next time before clicking. No google docs or albums tyvm!

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Proton Mail! Completely anonymous and free. Fewer freakouts. 🍻

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I KNEW the day would come when I would be using the Internet Explorer and it'd be a power move... clenches fist

(JK, thanks for the advice though!)

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I mean, that's like the same logic of meeting someone you know at an AA meeting. For somebody to post a link on here they must be at least relatively aware of how to find this forum in the first place. Conversely, somebody clicking a link on here doesn't prove that they are GC or not; they could very well just be a QT or neutral lurker trying to get information

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So, for what it’s worth I opened a Google docs link while in private mode and it automatically logged me in with my account.

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That's all sorts of horrifying! I'm probably just full-stop not going to be clicking links associated with google when browsing here. In the minor chance you get caught or doxxed and actual people you care about find out, you can always say that you wanted to see what arguments ''TERFs'' are making so that you can be ready to fight them. When in doubt, roleplay woke!

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I already had a fake account, so it was no big deal. At the time I made the account I had been pissing off a lot of white supremacists and one of them thought he'd doxed me so I made the account with that name and started posting on their YouTube. I originally made it as a joke, but I've been using it ever since then as my browser account. I send e-mails on my phone.

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OK can I just say that I'm in awe of you? I'm so honored to troll beside you!

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Trolling a white supremacist? But I thought WE were Natsees tooo!

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Thank you for posting this, I was unaware. I'm almost done moving links and such to Firefox, I quite enjoy it. I'm done with Google.

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Thank you for saying this.

Ditch Chrome, Explorer/Edge, etc. Get Epic, Brave, or Tor browsers. Use those for internet browsing.

The Twitter hack should have been enough to convince you that nothing is private. If all it takes to get access to your private messages is an admin gone rogue, then you must be paranoid at all times on the internet.

For private messaging, use services like Signal that encrypt the messages. That way, an admin who accesses them will see only the encrypted version. Only the sender and recipient see them as decrypted.

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ETA: If any of you think you might have already been doxxed, it's an easy fix in the off-chance somebody you actual know finds out or you face any real world consequences! Just say you lurk here to see what the TERFs say that you know better how to fight them. They all do it anyway. When in trouble roleplay woke!

I want to add:

If anyone accuses you online, and it is not somebody you know personally, do not argue. Do not apologize. Gray rock. If you think they will start trying to hassle your employer, give your employer a heads up. Get to your employer first, explain that people on the internet are engaged in defamation of you, and ask for their support. Don't make threats, but make sure your employer knows that you are willing to hire a lawyer. It may make them think twice about firing you to appease a Twitter mob.

If it's somebody you know, then do the above. Be prepared to perform wokeness. Read something woke so you can dismiss everything you have seen in TERFland. It should be an Academy Award winning performance. Then do not fuck up again or it will be over for you.