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They wiped out any reference to female for cervical cancer but they used “men” , (not even male) for testicular cancer. Fuck them.

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Ma'am, you have testicular cancer

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Wooow if that's true. Wow.

Keep on tweaking and I'll keep on peaking I guess.

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Yeah like I saw this article and went to check them out and they said “men learn about testicular cancer”. But ZERO reference about females and who might have a cervix For cervical cancer. Never felt more anger

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Every time I see a bumper sticker reading "I Stand With Planned Parenthood" I feel my lip curling. PP has betrayed women, the organisation's core constituency, and made the world less safe for children through it's handing out of cross-sex hormones.

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Planned Parenthood believes everyone deserves high-quality, compassionate health care that’s appropriate for your needs and concerns — no matter your gender identity or sexual orientation. Our health centers provide education, support, and sexual and reproductive health services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and intersex patients.

PP has been referring to pregnant women as pregnant persons for a few years now. And it has no qualms about being a facilitator of the world’s largest, most sexist, and most dangerous cults. (tens of thousands subject to medical experimentation often with irreversible outcomes in the name of self-diagnosed gender transition)

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Their list of terms also replaces the old definition of the goal of feminism (equality between the sexes) with their new weird goal (equality between all genders). Because now women (female people) are going to be in all genders, the new definition wouldn't give a shit about abortion being banned as it doesn't affect any one gender alone but all of them! So this new pseudofeminism wouldn't mind the end of reproductive rights for some mysterious group called 'people'.

I have no patience with those who say they are feminists but are unwilling to think anything true in their effort to bend over backward so as to be seen as inclusive. Ninety-eight to ninety-nine percent of all uterus people accept the label "women," after all, but they still must be disrespected.

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Definitely frustrating me, as a supporter of theirs. I believe strongly in protecting women's access to abortion, and in many states and regions in the US, they're some of the only providers. But I know a person who got prescribed HRT after ONE appointment, and how is that medically responsible at all? Surely someone should need to have at least a few sessions with a psychologist before getting prescribed these intense hormonal treatments??

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Planned parenthood refuses to treat disabled people who are on disability. Fuck them.

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Planned Parenthood was always a political organisation for far-left progressives.

That might not go so well in a radfem subreddit now, but their stance on ease of access to abortions and making abortions a norm was just the very same kind of political progressivism. Pushing abortions instead of prevention of pregnancy by lifestyle choice and birth control is part of the very same ideology that is now pushing trans.

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Planned Parenthood does provide birth control in fact. And when a woman is pregnant, it's too late for birth control, abortion is the only way to stop her from continuing to be pregnant.

BTW, I really dislike how abortion in the US is limited to specific clinics and how not all OBGYNs provide them. If you don't want to provide abortions, get another specialty. It would be much better if a woman can get an abortion in any hospital/OBGYN clinic, the same way you can get any other procedure. Then the wackos that protest and harass women will not be able to actually do anything because the same doctor that performs abortions gives prenatal care and delivers babies and the maternity wards both provide abortions and take care of pregnant women that carry to term. That's the way it works in quite a few countries.

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In the US, we're riddled with providers in every specialty, sub specialty, sub-sub specialty. There's so many options that a provider has the option to be choosy with the realm of care they provide.

There's a lot of trauma in the world of pregnancy and birth. It's been medicalized to a ridiculous degree in some aspects, while providing a lot of life saving options in others. Many women are there because they want to bring a baby to full term and have a blue billion different pitfalls that can happen along the way. Usually you would have a main practitioner, seeing others in the office while they're on call/out for delivery. Maybe I'm being disgustingly naive about it, but I would think a lot of those providers are in that specific field because they wanted to help women bring these little shrimp squiggles all the way through to being full blown infants. Abortion is the very opposite process of that, no matter how necessary that it may be. I don't think that a lot of providers would go into the field in the US at all if they went from one room where a family just delivered a newborn to the next where they have to throw up their game face and perform an abortion. Acknowledging that an abortion is necessary isn't exactly raising your hand and wanting to take part in performing it.

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That's exactly what OBGYNs where I'm originally from do. They assist birth and they perform abortions. Abortions are very simple procedures actually. And a medical abortion is just prescribing pills. Any doctor should be able to prescribe them.

And even if an OBGYN is focused on helping women through pregnancy, they still need to perform D&C when women have a missed miscarriage (not uncommon) or prescribe one of the abortion medications to help expel the fetal tissue. The only difference is whether a woman wants to terminate the pregnancy or the pregnancy just ended. Doctors shouldn't be able to refuse medical care they can provide. And abortion is always safer than carrying to term.

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Abortion in the first trimester is an easy procedure. It's when you get past that point that things become more involved and there's larger tissue to worry about. Personally, I feel like it could be considered a very moral choice for an individual, practitioner or not. In a country where we still have quite a lot of Abrahamic influence (and one doesn't even have to be influenced by such a religion, it'sjust the most common), I wouldn't ever make someone do something that they feel wrong about.

In this instance, we can agree to disagree and that's alright with me.

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Abortion after the first trimester us not allowed in most places actually, but it see your point.

If someone is against abortion, that's fine, they can choose a specialty where they don't need to provide abortions. If you're an OBGYN, abortion is part of your job duties. If you're an antivaxxer, you can't become a nurse, if you're a vegan, becoming a butcher is probably not the best career choice, etc.

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Absolutely the same belief here, and I've been considered a heretic on this front for years. It's segregated care, and few feminists I know see it this way. We shouldn't have to go to a clinic surrounded by angry, religious protesters to get care we need, it's just so disrespectful. All the way around. except it's simply getting worse with hospital mergers and religious hospitals creating monopolies. The alternative is both sensible and normal to most people.

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Yep, go have your religious freedom and all, but at work, do your basic work duties. If you find serving meat unethical because you're a vegan, don't go work as a waitress at a restaurant that serves meat. You can't just refuse to serve meat and the restaurant doesn't have to work around your request to not serve meat.

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Sadly, that's not how it's playing out here.

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can I ask what is your definition of "far left"?

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Far-left progressives are for me today people who advocate cultural marxism. They are just as far left as classical marxists are, just that the oppressors vs. oppressed is not anymore about proletariat vs bourgeoisie, but instead about minority vs. majority. You can see this i.e. on the reddit rule change that they did when they banned r/GenderCritical:

"the rule does not protect groups of people who are in the majority or who promote such attacks of hate."

If you are a minority, you can do whatever you want. Even crime and murder gets supported and is justified because the majority apparently oppresses you. Everybody who is outside of the norm gets worshipped and supported, the majority has to shut up and pander to the minority. Women are a majority. Trans is a very tiny minority. So their wishes and needs are rated much much higher than the ones from women.

But i know that in this sub not many will agree with me here. I guess the majority opinion here will be that it's the patriarchy shining through that is working towards invading female spaces and shutting women down. In reality, it will be a mix. But in case of Planned Parenthood, that's Cultural Marxism. They still have the same political agenda that they always had, just that a new "oppressed minority" appeared that they have to liberate.

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Women are a majority and abortion rights are crucial for women

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thanks for clarifying. I respectfully disagree. I understand your frustrations, and obviously agree there is a problem, otherwise I would not be in this sub. However the idea of "Cultural Marxism" is a fabrication of the right. There is no such philosophy. Marxism is an economic philosophy. I have never met anyone who described themselves as a cultural Marxist and am not aware of any people, books, articles written by anyone who believes in such a philosophy called cultural Marxism. I have only ever heard this term used on the right to describe anything and everything happening on the left. It is simply not a thing. It's a fabricated boogeyman.

As a person who considers themselves on the left, but does not agree with the trans ideology, censorship, and many other things coming out of the left - I actually see what is happening as some kind of 1984 style totalitarian agenda playing out under the guise of liberalism and progressivism, however it completely goes against my principles as a leftist. It looks to me as if they are pulling the worst aspects of the right and the left, but it isn't a left or right wing agenda per se. I think it's apparent that there are many people on both the left and the right who disagree with what is happening. We dissenters on the left may not be as visible, but we definitely do exist.

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Cultural Marxism isn’t a term of the right but the alt right which is a purely racist bullshit. Not only is there no such thing as cultural Marxism it’s a dog whistle for neo Nazis which dominate alt right discourse. But I guess it might be “incivil” to point that out.

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It actually originated in Nazi Germany as "Cultural Bolshevism". However it has now become mainstream on the right and even popular among so-called liberals like Jordan Peterson.

According to wikipedia: "Cultural Bolshevism (German: Kulturbolschewismus), sometimes referred to specifically as art Bolshevism or music Bolshevism,[1] was a term widely used by Nazi German-sponsored critics to denounce modernist movements in the culture, particularly in seeking to discredit more nihilistic forms of expression. This first became an issue during the 1920s in Weimar Germany, when German artists such as Max Ernst and Max Beckmann were denounced by Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Party, and other German nationalists as "cultural Bolsheviks." Nazi claims about attacks on conceptions of family, identity, music, art and intellectual life were generally referred to as Cultural Bolshevism, the Bolsheviks being the Marxist revolutionary movement in Russia[2]. Cultural Marxism is a contemporary variant of the term promoted by psychologist Jordan Peterson which refers to the far-right antisemitic Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory."

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I’ll admit outside of alt right circles I haven’t heard the term cultural Marxist amongst what I would call conservatives. I never hear that term in Wall street journal for example or even fox but it gets mentioned in breitbart every other article. Either way sounds like a neo Nazi dog whistle. I find Jordan Peterson more along the lines of alt right. What makes him liberal exactly? He has a very traditional view of gender as far as I know.

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He calls himself a liberal and consistently denies being right wing even though his views are very much in line with right wing thinking. I don't think he is personally alt right but many of his fans are. I personally think that he is almost like a 'gateway to the alt right'. Especially among young people, there's been a trend of liberal or average right wing people moving to the far right after being exposed to his views. I don't really follow MSM but the term is everywhere on Youtube and Reddit among the right wing and right leaning liberals.

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Yes cultural Marxism is definitely more a YouTube and Reddit term which is were the alt right used to hang out.

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I've been hearing about cultural Marxism since the late 90s in conservative circles, honestly, and in some of the more conservative outlets in the internet's early days. And I'm not glad of my lifelong habit of looking at many sides of an issue, or I'd still not know what gender critical feminism is! Thanks, JK!

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Eh ...

“ From the late 1990s, the Frankfurt School has been the object of a far-right antisemitic conspiracy theory that identifies the school as the origin of an ongoing academic and intellectual movement, referred to by the theory's proponents as "Cultural Marxism", which intends to undermine and destroy Western culture and values.[49] According to the theory, the Frankfurt School and other Marxist theorists were part of a conspiracy to attack Western society by undermining traditionalist conservatism and Christianity using the 1960s counterculture, multiculturalism, progressive politics and political correctness, which are portrayed as outgrowths of critical theory.[50][51][52][53][54] Contrary to what is commonly claimed by the conspiracy theorists, there is no academic school of thought or movement known as "Cultural Marxism".[55]”

Sounds about right.

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Did you read the article? Nobody denies that the Frankfurt School and that Critical Theory exists. That Critical Theory is about challenging and undermining every cultural norm is also known and written down. The mindset, the idea and the ideology exist. Cultural Marxism is nothing more than applying Critical Theory. Like Leninism is about applying maxist ideas.

The Consiparcy Theory is apparently just that there are people applying the ideology specific at Western societies. so you might claim:

Its a conspiracy theory that some secret elites want to apply that theory

but you can not claim:

the theory doesn't exist and it is an conspiracy theory

And if you look into reality. What political mindset do you see? What do you call it when a movement values every minority (the smaller the better) much more important than any majority (and this in a democracy)? What name do you want to give them? "liberals" as if they have anything to do with liberalism? "progressives" as if bowing for minorities has anything to do with progressivism? That ideology acts according to Critical Theory. And acting according to it is Cultural Marxism. It doesn't have to be some Illumanity conspiracy theory. Don't try to shut it down by constructing some connection to an evil boogeyman and some conspiracy theory about reptiles ruling humans or whatever.

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It’s not a movement that values a minority over a majority. Women are a majority that have been oppressed by men because men hold key economic power over women. Which is what patriarchy is. Blacks were a majority that were exploited by whites in Africa where white people despite being a minority in Africa exploited them as slaves where white people had economic power over black people. It’s not a minority vs majority thing and anyone with even an iota of understanding would get this. It’s why the whole idea of cis privilege is bullshit. Women never had any power over men, so even if those men later “identify” as women, they still hold immense economic power over women. As we have witnessed so far with their ability to silence us and take away the words that we have used for ourselves and forced us to disassociate from them. Reddit’s new hate policy makes no sense because of this. White people dont oppress blacks because they are a minority but because of the history between their races which have over years systemically destroyed black peoples ability to any economic and social gain by installing policies that target them unfairly.

Cultural Marxism is just a dumb racist conspiracy that Nazis have employed. Because they can’t think beyond a narrow scope of policies which enforces white supremacy. Anything that challenges it is seen as minority dominance of majority apparently. What bullshit.

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But that is not how the political organisations that support i.e. Planned Parenthood or even LGBTQ+ think.

Those support(ed) feminism because the patriarchy and nuclear family as cultural norm have to be challenged. Their political stance just overlapped with feminists at some points, but as soon as it's not, and it's about challenging cis as cultural norm, they throw you under the bus, label you TERF and shut you down.

Why is the T even part of LGBT and who brought it there? It is not a sexual orientation. Now they even redesigned the rainbow flag to include brown and black to represent racial minorities as if that has anything to do with LGBT.

This is the political ideology that is actually dominating your spaces. The people who label feminists as TERFs and kick them out of LGBT parades. They do simultaneously protest against the patriarchy while also talking about cis privilege and about how you have to shut the fuck up and suck that girl cock. Those people are not flip-flopping and they don't hold contradictory political believes, it is all coherent in their opinion, and that opinion is that every cultural norm has to be challenged by supporting and advocating for the opposite. And that is what Cultural Marxism is about. How else would you call those people? Maybe "alt-left"?

I don't believe that there is some international Cabal of oligarchs that secretly enforces Cultural Marxism and controls hundreds of political organisations like puppets. That would be just as stupid as claiming that all Conservatives are secretly ruled by Rupert Murdoch. But as a political ideology both do exist and you can see it daily.

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Critical Theory does exist. the Frankfort School did exist, their social views do exist and are prominent today. Their works are (also) based on Marx.

How do you call the current movement of minority > majoirty? Because it is undeniable that it exists.

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What are those views and can you point to specific people that believe in them? There is no "current movement of minority > majoirty?" What are you talking about? Reddit policy is not a social movement.

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I bet you encountered one or two "feminists" that protest against the patriarchy while at the same time complaining about cis privilege and shutting real feminists down by labelling them TERFs?

That is it. It is no about women rights, it is about supporting whatever trendy oppressed minority there is. cis is the cultural norm, therefore bad, therefore we have to fight it. I am sure you encountered this mindset a few times. You don't have to read Marx to be a Communist, you don't have to read... whatever Conservative books there are?... to be a Conservative. You don't have to be ruled by some supreme overlord to be part of an political ideology.

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I agree. Outside of medical issues and rape/illegal sexual contact, why do women get abortions? In most cases it's because their male partners pressured them into it!

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I'm very passionate about abortion rights but I don't donate to Planned Parenthood, I donate to other organizations that help women obtain abortions.

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Sold us out.

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Money. The board fired their former female WOC M.D. Director for trying to prioritize women's health last year. Unfortunately, PP has been captured and turned against us, just like the ACLU.

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I'd forgotten about that nearly. What was it she said that got her ousted?

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Part of it is that they assert they can't deny "transgender health care." Well self-ID for hormones is not exactly good health care.

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This was the absolute jaw dropper for me.

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When I first heard a few detransitioners mentioning a "national chain healthcare service" they'd gotten T from within one appointment, I was floored. Finding which one it was, good heavens. This is beyond wrong, but with the political climate what it is, no one dares criticize PP as the overall push against abortion rights is so strong here now. This is devastating.