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Also, please take a moment to drop JKR a letter of appreciation and support at

JKR seems to have real people - not a computer program or other AI - reading and responding to her emails - and the people handling her incoming communications appear to be passing along the contents/sentiments to her in a very timely manner. I've gotten prompt and kind, gracious replies from persons at the above address who seem to "get it."

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Writing newspapers and firms is a very good idea. I do that already, and if many of us do it will ultimately have an impact. Also not supporting brand names which do not support women.

On JK Rowling, people could support her charity, Lumos, and send her supporting emails.

But ultimately we need a large organization with some clout. So far the ones which exist here are not large. So sign up as a member if you can.

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Also, trans activists write and complain all the time, I have heard. So if a firm, say, only gets complaints from them and not from us, well, you can figure what is going to happen. So being a counteracting force here also matters.

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I'm going to become 'that feminist' who complains about everything :P

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Which organisations did you have in mind to sign up for or support?

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This depends on the country, I guess. The UK has several possible ones (Fair Play For Women is one) but the US not that many. Hands Across the Aisle (?) is the only one that comes to my mind, but some dislike it because it includes both conservative and lefty women. There are probably are others? I have no knowledge of the remaining countries, sorry. So clearly a lot of work needs to be done.

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In the UK, Baroness Nicholson is trying to put together some sort of campaigning organisation. It’s still very early stages, but hopefully something will come of it soon.

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Feminists in Struggle is based in the USA.

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Fourth Wave now is both progressive and gender critical as I understand it, and is U.S. based.

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It looks like more of a blog. I'll take a look but I was also thinking about donating somewhere. I found some websites where they seem to do rad fem focused journalism. What does everyone think about 4W and feminist current? Are they worth supporting financially? Are there others worth considering? Which would you all choose?

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AfterEllen has held strong against the onslaught.

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Part of it is being here, and elsewhere. I really think that part of the mass purge on reddit wasn't entirely unrelated to JKR's comments. Those being introduced to this and some who read her work and saw the responses eyes were starting to be open and some would seek out more information on our position. Couldn't possibly have a 65K and growing forum on a platform as big as reddit, as well as all the related subs, that could possibly peak more people. I know the average joe (and our other 60K former members) doesn't know saidit, spinster, etc. as well as reddit and twitter at this point, but our arguments need to still be out there. If TRA voices are the only ones heard, a lot of people don't think critically beyond that.

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We need media outreach, like Washington Post, and extensive rallies. I'm still eating so I'll be back later.

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I honestly feel like one aspect to this is, at least in the States, to not let the far right get ahold of the narrative, and they're already trying. Which is being uncountered due to those center and left who fear speaking out. Speaking out in support in measured terms, simply reminding the world that the majority of people agree with many or most of her points is key, in my opinion. BEFORE the US righties get more claws into anything gender critical, as they are NOT remotely feminist and it pains me to see them attempting this.

Agreed on all other points below here, especially her wonderful staff.

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Decentralize. Create many forums in which people are free to speak.

Those who get tired of walking on eggshells to be part of Twitter will eventually find other online niches to occupy. Twitter will lose relevance and influence.

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I think one thing is to actually post a direct link to her long statement to anyone talking about her being transphobic because most of them haven't even read it.

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I read that her sales are down for her new children's book because of the TRA drama.