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Short text just before : "Last week a fan asked me what my opinion was about JK Rowling given that I am such a huge fan of HP. I thought I might aswell make that clear : I do NOT support those opinions. The goal of feminism should not be to oppress trans people. I am against her statements, but I do not wanna let her ruin all the joy that HP has brought me and still brings me in my life. Trans women are women, Joanne, get over it.
And now the comic. I'm not sure if this isn't gonna be lost in translation, so I'll just specify that Rowling's tone in this is supposed to be whiny and stubborn.
Square 1 : Yeah, well, this is 2020 ! It's not too much that mentalities are evolving. The [missing word, I think she mentioned in the comments it was supposed to say "persons"] of the LGBTQ+ communities, for me, have — Square 2 : JK, screeching over fence : HEY !! Listen to my opinion on the subject !! Person 1 : FFS Joanne give us a fucking break ! Person 2 : Oh no, not Rowling again ! Person 3 : Don't rich ladies have anything to do at all ?

Square 3 : JK : You have no right to ignore me ! I signed a petition !! Boy : Get the hose.

This person describes themselves as a feminist, and I know she is also a woman.
For some reason, though, when a woman says something about women's rights that doesn't cater to demands of TRAs, she finds it acceptable to depict that woman in a stereotypical, hysterical woman who won't shut up while everyone else is being reasonable and happy... And the punchline is she gets what she deserves, that is she gets assaulted, and spraying her with a hose like a dog is funny. 2020.

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But trans people are the victims here, guys. JKR is a nasty, horrid transphobe. /s

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She needs to go nuclear and get her legal team to send C & D letters to any and all fan fiction sites they can find who have denounced her. I would.

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C&D ?

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Cease and decist.

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Thanks :)

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which fanfic sites have denounced her? Please tell me ao3 hasn't taken a side!!!

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Idk about sites, but the AO3 user ObsidianPen (who wrote the HP fanfics No Glory, Blood and Gold, Mine/Hauntingly) denounced JKR on their Tumblr and then became very misogynistic towards an anon concerned about sexism and homophobia.

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So frustrating!!! I read HP fanfic but not by this author, and I have stepped away from discord and facebook (which were my fandom spaces - I was never on tumblr thank goodness) due to the current JRK hatred. One discord I was in everyone was like "she's so crazy! No one uses the word menstruator! She's just making stuff up!" Just google menstruator and you'll see that actually it is being used! It's so frustrating trying to have a conversation about this.

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I can't believe that this stuff has spread to other countries. I just figured it would stay in the US (UK seems like another big hot spot) and I figured the rest of the world would just make fun of us. Turns out they're joining us, unfortunately..

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Well Canada is occasionally being referred to as "Tranada" by Rose of Dawn of all people. A lot of people over here get most of their news from the US and just forget that our historical and societal backgrounds are extremely different, especially in the Francophone area where I am. They're spitting it back out without realizing how wildly unapplicable some of their statements are to our communities.
Therefore it makes perfect sense that those woke communities would be drinking the Kool-Aid like lemonade on a hangover. Check out Vancouver, it's a total shitshow.

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I find this particularly disgusting. I have seen more than one fan comic page denouncing Rowling, while presumably intending to continue profiting from her work.

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That's disgusting AF ! I hate how they're all like "i WoN'T LeT hEr RuiN hP fOr mE".
You can disagree about an author and knowingly still support them, but to call them names while still profiting sounds disingenuous at best.