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They won't be happy until everyone who slightly disagrees with them is silenced. It's depressing.

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Oh and they are REALLY narrowing in on detrans now and constantly try to promote their "version". I have never posted there and never would since it isnt my space but it extremely upsets me that people arent allowed to voice their own frustrations and fears with eachother. Sometimes its therapeutic just to get it all out especially with people who understand.

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Cults hate apostates far more than they hate the nonbelievers.

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They won't be happy until everyone who slightly disagrees with them is silenced. It's depressing.

And nobody is stopping them, which makes it worse. Tech is invading every aspect of our lives, and psychopaths are in control of it all.

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TRA are creepy losers. I hope detrans people can find support irl since they can’t have any space online without being brigaded, bullied, and stalked. Awful.

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She sounds heartbroken :( Detrans is such a small community and uniquely challenging experience, I hope someday they can have less policed & targeted spaces.

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The fact that they are so fragile and feel so compelled to silence any debate is proof enough that their bullshit is suspect.

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Don't mistake their psychopathy for fragility.

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This is an outrage, bunch of creeps silencing voices that contradict their agenda. There needs to be a safe space created for detransitioners here and on the new GC site being built.

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That's sickening. Horrible that she had to step down for the good of the sub. Reddit is pretty much the only platform for detransitioners, and they're desperately in need of a space where they can connect with each other and get support.

It's evil the way these activists have targeted such a vulnerable population.

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Pretty soon reddit is going to be nothing but tim's, tra's, handmaidens, and "queer" straights including ultra woke lefty bearded bros. everyone else should just abandoned ship.

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I'm straight, but I am concerned for the LGB movement. They are becoming a minority in their own movement, overwhelmed by the TQ+++. Silenced from talking about LGB issues within their own groups.

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Thank you. We (the lgb) are concerned as well.

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same here! i feel great sympathy for the LGB community, specially the lesbians, who are the most vunerable of the three when it comes to TRAs.

last friday i saw a live on GNC centric youtube channel (it's a series called Post Gender Funk and it's brilliant!) where Ben and her guests talked about ADHD and at some point of the conversation they said that butch lesbians are disappearing because they are transitioning. well, they could be trans, fine. but the thing is: there is a huge pressure on butch lesbians to transition. so they have misogyny and lesbophobia (both internalized and external) to deal with and than a bunch of people they trust and even people they don't know that well come up and say "hey, you're clearly a transman. when are you going to transition?". how is that not confusing? why can't they simplpy exist as butch lesbians?

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This sounds very much like a religious cult going after the heretics.

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Because it is.

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that's unacceptable. they should just leave that shit hole and create a new space for them, free of TRAs. actually, they should create more than one new safe space. Having just one place to go for support in not a good idea, there should be more options.

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Yes, but I think it's important to have at least an outpost (if heavily moderated) on mainstream platforms as well? Nobody questioning their own trans identity and community is going to leave it in one big leap but little by little. As sad as it is but I think it's important for them to stay on Reddit. But yes, they should build an alternative. And that the gender critical platform in the making should have a space for detransitioners.

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Has anyone invited them over here and to the gc secret society?

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what gc secret society? you mean this sub? i want in the gc secret society hahaha

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This is really sad. I really enjoyed talking to DetransIS on the debate sub. She is a very intelligent and moderate person who I learned a lot from , certainly not a "transphobe".

This is just such creeping authoritarianism. A huge web site effectively being moderated by a tiny group of bullies with a political agenda who just make up whatever the hell they want to smear people who they disagree with and silence vulnerable groups at will. It just makes me sick to my stomach. I really hope Reddit burns. I've never wanted a website to fail so badly based on the way they treat people.

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ohhi nice to see you here <3 yeah we keep in touch on discord but it's awful :( She cares so goddamn much about IS/women's/teens issues.

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Hey...Nice to see you too. Does the community on Discord know about our new debate sub on Saidit? We've been trying to rebuild the old group on here but it's currently so small. So many people I miss talking to. Would be nice if we could get more of the old crowd to migrate (I know here are some problematic things about this site but I haven't seen many right-wingers wandering into the debate sub).

I probably should try to come into Discord more often as well, it doesn't run very well on my computer so I get annoyed with it.

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Awww. I'm pretty sure they know it's up, but maybe you should head over there and try to drum up some cross platform discussion :-) discord really is not the best for dialogue and discussion

Out of curiosity, does saidit as a whole have much of a trans presence?

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Yeah Discord reminds me of when I used to chat on IRC years ago which is fine I guess but not really the same as our discussion/debate group.

I don't know about the trans presence on Saidit as I only read GC and GCdebates. There are a couple of transmed typed in the debate group but it's even more heavily tilted GC than the old one. I don't think anyone in the group will actually defend queer theory positions which is an obvious problem. I don't know how we attract them (or truthfully if I even would want to as I'm kind of done going back and forth with actual TRAs). A few more moderates/transmeds would be good though.)

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Awww apparently you're on one of the GCdQT discords, and have been pinged! But u/Mr_dork (how do you tag people here?) also misses you and wanted me to play telephone :p He had some really nice things to say about you, you should hop on and see them but basically that you're like, his life goals male. <3

Yeah I suspect this sub on will be an interesting discussion place, but a lot slower, with less TRAs to inspire good responses to. C'est la vie. Are you joining ovarit? I signed up the other day.

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Aw, that's really nice of him to say. I feel much the same about him. He expresses himself really well. Much better than I often do I think. Please pass on my best wishes if you are talking to him. I'll try to go into the DC in the next couple of days and say hi to people at least.

Yeah I joined Ovarit yesterday but have only glanced at it. It seems like a nice site though. It seems like TRAs have gone totally scorched earth against GC which makes it hard to have real debate groups.. I feel bad for the more reasonable trans people who actually want to talk to us in good faith. Hopefully, our group here or some other space can be a place for that, assuming we can let them know about it somehow.

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Do ping me when you finally get onto the discord! And yeah omg did you see this on twitter - ?

It's... awful - epic - etc.

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That really upset me to read. How could they read that and still say all those things about her? Some of these people are legitimately straight-up evil. As bad as it was for all of us to lose our subs I really still feel worst for the lesbians and detransitioners. they really need those spaces sigh. Can only hope this shit runs its course soon...

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Detrans know this has been coming for a while. The next step is the approved mod allowing dodgy posts then it will be shut down for hate speech.

We need to prepare a space for them here and to help them relocate.

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They are truly evil narcissist cultists.

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Self-censorship seems like giving them what they want

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Alex is awesome and this is bullshit. I dont know if we are allowed to name names here or not on some of the meanies responsible. One runs the AHS sub and the woman stalking Alex on discord was a quite rude on the bannedfromgcdebates sub.

The 'good guys' are bullying people and celebrating it.

Alex has said time and again she has left things up she doesn't personally agree with and removed things she does, all in fairness.

No wonder she's pissed at TRA. Alex is an internet buddy and this grinds my gears.

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Name them. The TRA that tried to stage a coup of /detrans a couple weeks back was u/Bardfinn. Was this someone else?

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They really are full of shit when they say they're concerned about trans people.

Detransitioners are hugely vulnerable people that deserve just as much concern and compassion as trans people.

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I'm still learning ceddit. Sorry. Is posting link to the stalker sub allowed? A mod post 7 hours old says to crossout names and it's still up unedited. Hypocrites.

Edit: it's really nice seeing the names I recognize. I've missed yall and our talks.