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My hunch is that they're trying to cover their track

100%. I think the temporary banning of r/detrans has peaked more people than they anticipated.

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That temp ban on detrans--AND their continued whining about detrans when it was unbanned-- did WONDERS. Edit to add: and actually gencyn has always just looked like a walking ad for gendercritical. I'm guessing it has already peaked people just by posting and complaining about logic and reality.

Brigading has probably been a problem too and they need to cover their asses. Some of the posts removed are practically invitations to target other subs for wrongthink. "Guys helppp, this group doesn't wuv us!"

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They managed to destroy a bunch of spaces for lesbians, celebrated it, and now that their reputation is being hit for trying to go after "harder" targets they're quieting down? Cowardice and misogyny at its finest.

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I've never been on the sub so I wouldn't know but the banning of GC and Detrans peaked a lot of people I know IRL. Who weren't even aware of the issues with TRAs. They're probably surprised at how many people it turned and not in the direction they wante

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"Has anyone noticed how many threads are being taken down from r/gendercynical?"

No, because I haven't been to reddit in about three weeks.

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This gives more information about what has happened and is happening over at r/detrans

(are we allowed to post twitter addresses here?)

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No problem with twitter addresses unless the admin has a problem, which we have not heard of at the mo.

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These guys are such cowards, notice how they didn't go after the Joe Rogan Experience reddit. They're trying it with gay male reddits but they're too cowardly to try a hostile takeover. They know they can't silence and intimidate "cis" men for alleged transphobia.