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I just mostly look and keep an eye on that atrocious r/actual_detrans and try to expose them for what they really are. I've been banned from r/detrans and am no longer welcome on basically most subs because of being a labeled "transphobe." Aside from that, not really I'm looking into other platforms and probably going to start thinking on how to funnel people to s/detrans until the site's ready.

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I saw your post on detrans and it really moved me. I know brave is thrown around a lot, but I think it was brave to post. You exposed a lot of your vulnerability and trauma, knowing the negativity it would be met with, bc its so important to speak truth and to try to help others. Even I'm not able to make myself vulnerable (talking about my experiences and trauma) like that to anyone. I've dealt with it all, but I just adopted the "its nobody's business" attitude bc I don't like the vulnerable position it puts me in. I admire you for having the courage to do that. I think your post is actually what put the nail in the coffin for me at Reddit. How could I be ok using a platform that treats women that way?

Its ridiculous to say they welcome detrans people but not GC thought, bc detransitioning is going to cause most people to be GC, esp the women. I think this is why TRAs are so threatened by you guys. I hate to think of the direction the detrans sub will be going in. Just another "elevate trans people at the expenes of everyone else", just like every other sub on Reddit now. I think its awesome that you are trying to help others in similar situations and I wish you the best of luck w/ your platform.

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I've read those too. There was one including a video of the really young man talking about his own experience with AGP. I was crying during parts. Honesty goes a long way.

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I stopped reddit has died for me , even the content I like to watch can’t take me back in this hell hole

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That's how I feel. I post occasionally in my TV and local sub, but really even going there doesn't sit right to me bc of what the entire platform stands for now. I really think they crossed a line when they banned GC. I saw all the efforts the mods made to try to keep the sub clean. They really made an effort to keep the kill all men and degrading trans people's bodies in check. In fact, the sub was really growing more libfemmy by the day. The only crime was empowering women and letting them know it was ok to call men, men and expose sex based oppression. The fact that this can't be expressed on the platform anymore just disgusts me. Maybe I should let go altogether and let Reddit be dead to me, too. I don't even think it's worth it anymore to try to engage libfems. They're too far gone and they've made it very clear they hate us. I'm pretty sure they're even ok w/ actual violence being done against us. I think they would cheer it on.

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The reddit we know was killed and now Is gone , soon it’s gonna be a battle royale a toxic place where snowflakes and victim mentality would have no one to fight and they are gonna fight each other

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They will eat each other alive. They have to direct all of that estradiol weekly rage withdrawal somewhere. (for those not aware, many trans identified males who inject state their docs do not give them enough, they inject weekly, and about at day 5, they start to go through JARRING withdrawals. It has a huge impact on their behavior, of course. They like to call this, PMS).

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I only ever lurked on Reddit because of GC. For other stuff I mostly go on other websites.

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ditto.I found it through click happy moments when I was peaking over and over again looking for some kind of explanation, or others who had the same thoughts I had and tadaa...Google led me to GC on reddit. I was never on reddit prior. I had removed myself from social media for other reasons (safety).

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I had an account I didn't use much. When they deleted GC I deleted my account and, for what it's worth, told them it was because they censored women while leaving horrific porn subs intact.

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It's really fucking unconscionable that they only put r/rapekink in quarantine, but all the radical feminist subs were banned outright.

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I stopped going on there when the big GC and feminist subreddit takedown happened, and then straight up deleted my account after r/PCOS was brigaded and /LGBdroptheT and /truelesbians were shut down.

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I still do. I have many other subs to follow :)

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I still have my GC account and posted something in r/nametheproblem yesterday.

On my main I’m subscribed to a few TV show subs and a few niche subs (I love r/powerwashingporn).

r/coronavirus, r/politics, r/worldnews, r/futurology and r/science are daily viewing but my current city’s sub is the only one I post in.

There is so much going on locally and globally and unfortunately, for the time being, Reddit is the only easily accessible platform that has all of that information in one place.

Last week I joined r/usps because now even mail delivery is a clusterfuck.

I also have an alt that’s specifically for nature/outdoor subs.

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The only reason I stick around is to direct people here and to

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I deactivated my account. A social media company with such a misogynistic attitude won’t get my subscription.

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I deactivated too. I didn't feel like I could go there in good conscience any more. I miss some of the subs, but I will not create content or generate page views for reddit. I put 'You are silencing women' as my reason for leaving, then wished I'd put 'Too many dicks on the dancefloor.' [Flight of the Conchords]

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Yeah— some things I miss include the subs about decluttering, some of the subs about PTSD, etc. The internet is becoming more and more restrictive in terms of accessing good discussion boards about certain topics— it feels like everything is tainted by corporate interests.

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There were a few subreddits I used to frequent, but I think one of them shadow banned my ip address because none of my comments would show up, and I never even used my GC account to comment there. I'm sick of that shit, I'm never going back to reddit.

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I still do but nowhere near as much. Its just not the same for me anymore but I cant quite let it go. :(

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There were some subs I liked to go to (like for crafts and some other hobbies), but I won't touch it now. It's disgusting.

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I still have my account but I don't use it anymore. I keep it in case some of the posters of the old subs are still around. I started using Reddit for GC subs and never used it for anything else, so when they killed those subs, I just didn't have anything to follow anymore.

As an aside, I keep getting notifications from r/transgender, despite not being subscribed or it and never even visiting it. Anyone knows how that is possible?

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I'm still there, but I quit one my main subs, AskWomen, out of protest. Those women made me feel suicidal more than once, so nothing of value was lost.

Reddit banned GCdebatesQT, the place I spent most of my time. There are still a few smaller gender subs; however, I'm most active right now on r/antikink and r/antipornography, which are still under threat.

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Since they banned r/gendercritical, I haven't visited Reddit. Not even to deactivate my account.

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I stopped browsing or hitting Reddit for any reason and blocked them from my email.

Reddit hates me and dehumanizes me for what I was born as so fuck em.

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Nope! And I don't miss it either. I go on and its full of gender critical content, just like the old gender critical subreddit.

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