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I've read some of their theories, and they are openly rejecting to have their own spaces.

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Of course, because by them having female spaces, they have more power in it. 3rd gender doesn’t give them power. When crafted well: a male brain, beautiful artificial female exterior and none of the inconveniences of being a biological women is a powerful combination in this world.

Surely most women (especially young teenagers) feel dysphoric about deal with periods, possible unplanned pregnancy and other inconveniences that come along with being biologically a women. Even if a woman doesn’t “feel” like a woman. Trans people don’t deal with this.

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Openly rejecting it with threats of violence, on Twitter.

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They do not want their own spaces. Literally they're out there saying they'll kill us before they accept a special trans bathroom. Men aren't beating up GNC men or transwomen in men's bathrooms. I'm not aware of a single time of this happening. (Versus several times it happening in women's bathrooms.) It's not about their safety, it never was. That was a con job to make women sympathize. It's to validate them emotionally, or so they can perve on us.

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Between them being listed as their target sex or a third sex I definitely prefer the third sex.

Both of those classifications are equally wrong, though: in a world that made sense they would be listed as their sex. At most as their sex and presenting as the other.

They don't want anything but being listed as whatever they want, though: forcing society, and especially women, into their bullshit is half of the fun.

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I do think it’s a bit oblivious to think a man passing as a “woman” should attend a man’s space.

What I know might be untrue now after trans craziness, but Thailand's ladyboy a few years back were basically what we call transvestite. They can almost 100% pass as women (unlike TIMs) and yet they still felt comfortable to go to men's restroom and use urinal while dressing and looking like women. One of my family visited Thailand and was shocked when someone whom he thought as a "very pretty girl" went into men's restroom to pee.

Transgender folks don't want their own space because they need the so-called VaLiDAtiOn. If safety is truly their main priority, they'd be more than happy to have their own space from ages ago.

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What is it meant by "a man's space" do you mean male toilets? A urology office? A bachelor party? It's really different, also depending on how is the trans woman looking or if there was surgeries like, if a transwoman with a sex change can't use a urinal. What is the purpose anyway of "men's spaces"?

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Just by being born in to whatever sex, you do share characteristics in the experience of life. Even if you don’t conform to stereotypical gender roles. Physiologically speaking, the average women has more in common with a gender non-conforming butch lesbian instead of a “transwoman”. Party of that is bathrooms. Men’s bathrooms aren’t just urinals anyway, men do number 2s too lol.

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So by spaces you mean just bathrooms?

Anyway I have things in common with other women sometimes. But also some things I don't have in common like by some ways I have more in common with a working man from my own culture than I have with a rich woman not from my culture just as an example. Like if she doesn't work a job she won't worry about losing a job for getting pregnant. But a man at my same job even if he can't get pregnant he might lose the job for getting sick, so he will know how much it sucks where a rich woman or a woman who relies on a man for income has said to me things like "well don't worry just get another job" like it's easy.

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What about the men, tho?

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They're not a 3rd sex; however they should have third spaces where appropriate (prisons comes to mind). I agree that trans women are not necessarily safe in men's spaces, however that is not women's problem. Gay men and cross dressers are also not safe in men's spaces, should we put them in women's spaces too?

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And in some parts of the world, men of certain ethnicities are not safe either, put them in women spaces, too?

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I wish they were classified as the 117th gender. Maybe then the Gender Abolition Movement would take wings.

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I would support them doing this. They do tend to end up in a weird space where they can be, for example, a man with breasts and a penis on estrogen supplements.

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There is no third sex. I guess the most simple thing would be for people to attend sexed spaces depending on their genitals, that's the point of sexed spaces. It never had anything to do with "gender".