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Washington. It’s definitely all gender identity this and that, but tampons still get taxed and good luck finding affordable childcare. God this place sucks.

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Do you have list of the laws put in place or link? What has changed?

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In the US, many.

In California, the same person, state senator Scott Wiener, the senator from Trans, Inc., managed to get a law passed that drops the penalty for knowingly infecting someone with HIV to a misdemeanor.

Senator Wiener also got a law passed that makes "mis-gendering" a crime punishable by a $1000 fine and (or?) a year in jail.

So in "liberal" California, you get a slap on the wrist for KNOWINGLY giving someone what used to be a death sentence, but jail if you misgender that flower of demure womanhood, Bruce Jenner.

New York City has a fine of $250,000 for misgendering (verify before you use that). might have more specifics on various US states.

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Fuck. I hate to be that guy, but if Biden wins and the Democrats win the Senate, it will be the end for women and all their sex-based rights. There's no turning back, and there's no hoping this will go back to normal.

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Your right. Its terrifying.

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In Scotland there's a Gender Representation on Public Boards Act which redefines "woman" to include biological males who only have to express an intent to transition (they don't need to actually have transitioned or even provide proof they have an intention to) to apply for jobs reserved for women to increase female representation. This is being challenged by ForWomenScot in the courts. Scotland is also looking to introduce a crime called "stirring up hatred" and one of the protected characteristics will be Gender Identity. Worryingly, there won't need to be any intent to cause harm or any hatred stirred; a person could be arrested for how likely it is for hatred to be stirred up. This is the Hate Crime and Public Order Act and has just finished its public consultation with just about everyone and their dog opposing it.

The UK/Scottish government now records criminals and victims by self-Id rather than sex (this is policy rather than law though) and rather unsurprisingly there is a rapid increase in violent/sexual crimes being committed by "females". I expect this will lead to ridiculous actual government policies to address this issue in the near future, like maybe 'we should be teaching our daughters not to rape', or some such bollocks.

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Jesus, that "stirring up hatred" law is some straight-up Philip K. Dick PreCrime bullshit. That is genuinely terrifying.