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Men like that TiM are akin to poverty tourists. Remember Common People by Pulp? The rich woman in the song glamorizes what it must be like to live among the poor and do as they do... because she can always go back to her privileged life afterward.

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'Cause everybody hates a tourist

Especially one who who thinks it's all such a laugh

Fun fact: William Shatner "sings" on this storming cover of Common People (fan video).

Like a dog lying in a corner

They will bite you and never warn you

Look out, they'll tear your insides out

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My favorite is seeing them call themselves "butch dykes."

I can't even decide what's more disgusting. Men acting and dressing like misogynistic caricatures and calling themselves "women," or men just growing their hair long and wearing slightly tighter clothes and calling themselves "butch dykes."

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Lol I did a search on reddit once for the term “high femme”, because I had a suspicion that there would be loads of men calling themselves that. I got a bingo!

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The "b" word is used in different ways, and one is "b" in the sense of being an owned sexy number of a arrogant or macho womanizer. So, I suppose this too is a kind of transgressive excitement fantasized by some MtF trans.

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I know you don't like it, but you can recognize a very different contextual tone when a woman calls herself a bitch vs when she calls her friends bitches vs 90% of the way men say bitch especially to a woman (I hope this makes sense). I would also feel bothered by a transwoman using that very male way of saying bitch.

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"uwu smoll heckin bean" brand of gay to be very annoying

Is that where these words come from? I heard that stuff in college and was bewildered as to why people kept saying this weird cutesy-sounding stuff. It really bothers me, too. How the fuck did it even start..?

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Was it in a Merrill Bainbridge kind of way? Women in the 90s were proudly wearing shirts with the word all over it. It was at flea markets everywhere.

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I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean :0

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Pffft. Shit, it was Meredith Brooks. I'm in my 30s, and the 90s were a very different time with the same ugly tapered leg pants.