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Not interested in hosting anti-feminist men here. If you want to share your deep thoughts about gender and sex, you can do it on s/GenderCriticalGuys.

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Full offense but I really don't trust you dude. When gender critical feminists say women and men are different, we're talking about biological differences that necessitate sex-based protections. When most conservatives do, they're spouting some bullshit about traditional roles to put women in their place. This is clearly a strange bedfellows moment and we can't take any allies for granted, but at the same time, don't expect to waltz into a gender critical sub and be embraced unless you're, you know, actually critical of gender.

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100%, conservative men can piss right off, they're just as much enemies to women's rights as TRAs are (if they aren't one and the same, anyway).

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Which side is pushing women out of spaces? Which side is promoting paedophilia be legal? Which side is there to silence women and harass them, deplatform women? Which side is allowing women the right to speak contrary to the narratives?

It's time for women to realize, that team just used you. They have had other plans all along while lying to your faces. They want both teams. They've fully infiltrated the left, now they will be headed to the right.

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I think if the Republican party in the US would get off the anti-abortion train and tone down their religious enthusiasm a bit, they might pick up a whole lot more women/centrist voters, as the democratic party has solidly sold women down the trans river. The girls in Connecticut can thank Obama's leadership for the near demise of their sports programs, and pretty much every democratic candidate has been all too happy to parrot twaw. Right now, as a woman, I feel politically homeless.

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While I one billion percent agree that the Democrats have sold women down the trans river with the Equality Act and similar local and state legislation, the GOP's policies, especially their economic policies, cause immeasurable harm to women.

And I don't know if anyone cares about food safety standards, clean water and clean air, but the current GOP very starkly does not. Some of the Republicans used to, before they became complete slaves to their corporate overlords - for instance Republican president Nixon started the Environmental Protection Agency, but now, Trump is gutting our safety standards and we will all, especially the kids, pay for it.

If I had to pinpoint when the American dream started to die, it would be during Ronald Reagan's term. And every GOP president since has chipped away at the middle and working class while playing identity politics, which the Democrats often hand them in spades, like with the Democrats' slavish devotion to gender ideology at the expense of women's rights and safety.

To quote our President and Philosopher-in-Chief:


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There have been democrat presidents since Reagan though. They haven’t done anything to change the status qui either.

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In response to Reaganism, the Democratic party completely changed. Head honchos in the Dem party decided the best way to fight the Reaganites was to become more like them. Which is how Bill Clinton ended up being pre-selected by the party powers as the Dem candidate for POTUS in '92.

When Clinton was in power, the Dems abandoned the US working class for "globalism" benefitting multinational corporations and instituted policies that demonized African Americans and promoted mass incarceration of black American males in particular.

By the time Obama became POTUS, the Dems had become the party of Wall Street fat cats, Hollywood mucky mucks and the insurance industry. Matt Taibbi and many others have written a number of written books detailing what happened and why.

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I think this might be too off topic, so I'll just say that I harsh both parties when they deserve it - like the Democrats becoming gender lobby cultists at the expense of women's rights. But in this case the current GOP is terrible about helping anyone but the super-wealthy. Like the 0.1%

Also, there are really good books on "Reaganomics" and they'd be worth a read. Especially now when Trumponomics might just drive most of us into terrible poverty.

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Exactly. Imo they're both shite at this point.

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Left wing thinks women are public property. Right wing thinks they are private property.

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Hey, I was the opposite of a conservative, but all this trans lobby and mysoginy is definitely turning me into a conservative.

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Honestly, if anything the trans thing has taught me the left will only pander to whomever gives them the most campaign money, just like the right. The little people in the US will never benefit.

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But virtually no one is trans. 1 in 5000 or something like that. So they can't be monetarily significant.

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The trans-industrial complex is heavily monetized. It has deep pockets because some thinktank decided creating a "need " for transition would be the next, big thing. That's why it's getting pushed in schools and throughout society. We are being desensitized into accepting this new reality as normal.

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Really? A few big donors is all it needs. And I think we know one: Jennifer Pritkerk or whatever his name is.

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Corporations who see a huge payday in store if transitioning becomes a fad will put money into pushing this fad. They want to invent a disease, sell it to young people, and reap in the money when those young people become lifelong patients who need medications refilled, who need cosmetic surgeries, etc.. There are a couple of articles online about this topic, and they were mentioned on this sub. There are quite a few millionaires and billionaires who are directly involved in donating to organizations to push the trans agenda. Pharmaceutical companies are pouring tons of money into this, as are other medical-supply companies.
All the brainwashing media that's normalizing transitioning to children is WORKING. More and more kids are claiming to be "trans". Social media is filled with grooming memes and propaganda to brainwash these kids. I suppose the tech industry sees a payday in normalizing and peddling Kiddie porn as well.

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Conservatives are like the OG misogynists, though.

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Regarding this, there’s a couple other very current issues that come to mind: any slight criticism of vaccines or G5 at reddit, and I assume other major social media, brings on the downvote brigades & attack comments. I don’t care how cautiously you approach this or to what extent you embed your opinion in science/research, you’re just NOT sufficiently with the program, and you’re immediately tossed in with Flat Earthers and Birthers.

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Reddit deleted all the mask-critical subs sometime last week. I'm surprised anything vaccine or G5 critical would still be there.

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Reddit deleted all the mask-critical subs sometime last week. I'm surprised anything vaccine or G5 critical would still be there.

Chilling, and just incredible. They should change the name to Censorit.

And it's interesting how a thread on 50% of Russian doctors rejecting their vaccine, was promoted by the pro-vaccine army.

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Censorit - I like it.

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Seriously ? Masks? Even Fauci in March was skeptical about masks esp. cloth masks. He changed his stance after they had evidence from Germany and East Asian countries. I guess Fauci would have been banned to. But underage porn which is child porn and illegal they don’t have a problem with.

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If you're not gender critical, you're not my ally. Sex is an irrefutable part of reality and human biology. Gender is an oppressive social construct that subjugates and oppresses women. If you think there's more to being a woman than basic biology; if you believe in gender roles or other ridiculous gender propaganda then you're no different than the crazy trans males you claim to be against.

If there's any justice in this world, male people on either side of the debate would take their differences directly to the source instead of punching down and using women as a pawn, but we both know better, right?

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To be clear, we are not on the same side as conservatives generally are.

There was a handy graphic on the old subdreddit.

Transgender is the belief that Men are manly inside and women are girly inside, and if your body doesn't match your inside you should change your body.

Conservatives tend to believe that Men are manly inside and women are girly inside too. The difference between this group and the trans group is that they don't agree with changing your body. Instead they think men should toughen up and women should get back in the kitchen.

Here we believe that "manly" and "girly" are stupid arbitrary concepts that aren't related to sex at all, except in the way that they are forced on each sex. Women don't naturally like dresses more than men, men aren't naturally better at mechanics than women. We oppose all links between the sex of the body and personality/beliefs/preferences/abilities.

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I think there is no treatment other than the sex change, but that obviously doesn’t make these people feel whole. I believe last statistic I saw trans suicides were 40%. During the Holocaust Jews had a suicide rate of 32% and they were actively being seeded out and killed. I understand the stigma trans get, but I would argue most people do not want to kill all of them. We would just prefer they stay off women’s sports teams, locker rooms, and stop taking away accomplishments from real women. But I will get labeled a bigot for this, and I am sure lots of you all have been so too.

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I believe last statistic I saw trans suicides were 40%

That statistic is not accurate. It's from a self reported online survey, and even then it exaggerated - the number of self reported 'attempts' gets passed around as the number of actual suicides. I believe the better studies put trans suicides at about the same rate as LGB and/or others with their commodities. People don't like to acknowledge this but many people who identify as trans have personality disorders or other mental health issues too, and those groups have an elevated suicide risk too. I can't be bothered finding an accurate study but just know that number looks unbelievable because you shouldn't believe it.

We would just prefer they stay off women’s sports teams, locker rooms, and stop taking away accomplishments from real women.


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Well it is still on the DSM 6 or whatever number they are on. Was gender dysmorphia now gender dysphoria. I guess dysmorphia sounds too harsh? Although no one would argue that an eating disorder should be embraced. Well most people wouldn’t.

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The "treatment other than sex-change" is to learn to love yourself, stop listening to propagandized social media and conservatives who tell you you are wrong for not conforming to sex-role stereotypes.

The 40% trans-suicide stat is a complete lie. If it were true they would be .0006% of the population instead of .0010%.

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OK, dude.

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Hey Yish! I missed you.

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xoxo :3

Find me on Spinster and Ovarit.

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lol what

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There are so many issues about this that you’d think would create concern among all people in the political spectrum: such as the physical safety and well-being of children.

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You're not an ally.

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Allies are welcome. Many women have been tricked into believing the right are all sexists and the left can't be sexist or racist. Based on actions conservatives are allowing women to speak...liberal marxists are having women silenced. Actions speak loudly. They've done so well villifying but the truth is...they want in on both teams. It's apart of the communist program to infiltrate both sides so if I were careful about that "walk away" movement. They don't want to walk away from liberals like they claim. They want to walk into another side to take it over.

The real reason why lesbians are being bashed in the LGBT is because NAMBLA is making it's way back in using the "T" and NAMBLA hates lesbians for wanting NAMBLA removed. These guys are persistent and they have infiltrated most spaces. There were gay rights articles in the past written with pedophilia mixed in and I can guarantee you...even though yes these men are gay they are also pedophiles. Not all gays are pedophiles..most aren't.

It's time to question the ones attacking women. Pedophiles are the ones that want access everywhere and they want women to go undefended. Easier prey. So for any woman here that thinks you don't need're falling into a trap.


The first documented opposition to NAMBLA from LGBT organizations occurred at the conference that organized the first gay march on Washington in 1979.[26][better source needed] In 1980, a group, called the Lesbian Caucus, distributed a flyer urging women to split from the annual New York City Gay Pride March, because according to the group, the organizing committee had been dominated by NAMBLA and its supporters.[26][better source needed] The next year, after some lesbians threatened to picket, the Cornell University group Gay People at Cornell (Gay PAC) rescinded its invitation to NAMBLA founder David Thorstad to be the keynote speaker at the annual May Gay Festival.[26][better source needed] In the following years, gay rights groups tried to block NAMBLA’s participation in gay pride parades, prompting leading gay rights figure Harry Hay to wear a sign proclaiming "NAMBLA walks with me" as he participated in a 1986 gay pride march in Los Angeles.[27]

By the mid-1980s, NAMBLA was virtually alone in its positions and found itself politically isolated.[28][better source needed] Support for "groups perceived as being on the fringe of the gay community," such as NAMBLA, vanished in the process.[28][better source needed] In 1994, a New York LGBT rights group called Stonewall 25 voted to ban NAMBLA from its international march on the United Nations in June of that year, accusing the religious right in the US for conflating child abuse and pedophilia for "twisted interests".[29]

In 1994, NAMBLA was again banned from the march commemorating Stonewall. Instead, members of NAMBLA and the Gay Liberation Front formed their own competing march called "The Spirit of Stonewall".[30] The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) adopted a document called "Position Statement Regarding NAMBLA", which said GLAAD "deplores the North American Man Boy Love Association's (NAMBLA) goals, which include advocacy for sex between adult men and boys and the removal of legal protections for children. These goals constitute a form of child abuse and are repugnant to GLAAD."[31] Also in 1994 the Board of Directors of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) adopted a resolution on NAMBLA that said, "NGLTF condemns all abuse of minors, both sexual and any other kind, perpetrated by adults. Accordingly, NGLTF condemns the organizational goals of NAMBLA and any other such organization."[31]

In April 2013, the hacktivist group Anonymous prevented NAMBLA's website from being accessed as part of an operation dubbed "Operation Alice Day".[32][33] The timing of the attack coincided with Alice Day, a Pedophilia Pride Day celebrated by a small group of pedophiles and their supporters on April 25.[34][35][36]

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Can you specify how you are "on opposite ends from most feminists"?