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I've seen them try to claim Mulan was trans. Because of she was pretending to be a man in the army, not because she needed to do so to maintain respect and keep herself safe, but because she's trans. /s

Oh, and also Hatshepsut of ancient Egypt. She was the stand in ruler for her nephew, Thurmond III, because he was quite young and she had no male heirs of her own. It was uncommon for females to be pharoahs, so this was their logic- that she was actually a man.

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Storme Delarverie, Joan of Arc, Charley/Charlotte Parkhurst, Anne Lister. These are just off the top of my head.

Edit: Kurt Cobain? Really?

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Kurt Cobain? Really?

You can't be a man, wear a dress and escape this apparently.

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I can't say I'm a fan since he died before I was born but I never heard anything about him wearing dresses or being GNC 🤔

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He did wear dresses. No one thought it was risque because the glam rock and metal guys dressed like this while still retaining a macho man image.

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Was not expecting Ratt! (Was also not expecting I'd be able to identify Ratt after all these decades!)

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He was good friends with Kathleen Hannah of the riot grrrl movement, was a punk at heart who poked fun at the masculine gender expectations that he didn't care to uphold, wrote some really dark songs like "rape me" and "pennyroyal tea" about trying to understand the female condition... I guess that automatically makes him an honorary woman, or something.

I was a big fan of his. But to be honest, if he were alive today it wouldn't really surprise me if he announced he was trans. He obviously did have some deep issues with his own identity and wallowed in his depression and self-pity. It's not unlike the kinds of men you see online today, whether they're denying their own existence as sexed beings through a trans fantasy, or a mgtow incel. It's also a kind of pseudo-suicide of the male ego. They're all pathetic broken men who lack the ability to respect themselves, or the balls to pull the trigger.

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He did wear dresses, it was even in the article in Rolling Stone about the band. Its basically a punk rock thing, Capt. Sensible from the Damned wears dresses occasionally and he's not trans either.

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Isn't that a Courtney lyric? Or close enough. 'Be a Man.'

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Elizabeth I of England Boudicca

Ever notice how they focus on women in the past more than men? It’s almost like, I don’t know, women had to break out of horribly restrictive gender roles in order to make an impression on a world built on an assumption that men were the only ones that mattered in history. Weird, isn’t it?

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I saw about Mary Ann Evans / George Elliot.

People saying that even J.K. Rowling was claimed to be a trans with internalized transphobia, because she published under men's name.

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Joan of Arc

Florence Nightingale

Marlene Dietrich

Storme Delarverie

And the coup de grâce... Jesus. As a transman.

It's possible that link is satire? I honestly can't tell.

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I bet Tallulah Bankhead would've told em to get f'd in the most direct manner!!! ;)

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Florence Nightingale?! What was the reasoning behind that one?

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Isn’t it funny? Women have to assume a male name or identity in order to earn money or engage in society, then years later people say they were really men! Women really can’t catch a break

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Jennie Hodgers/Albert Cashier. They're putting out a picture book for little kids retroactively declaring her a man.

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Relevant article with more people listed:

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Great article, thanks for sharing!

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It's like the Mormons who convert their ancestors 100 years after their deaths. It gets them all the Mormon death benefits without living as a Mormon.

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Any cross-dresser from early-2010 animes/videogames.