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So this might be a little off topic but fuck anyone who threatens suicide to manipulate others into giving them money because I’ve seen a lot of trans people spewing that shit online and it’s toxic af.

IRL my family member is a transman( very young lesbian who just left an abusive household -textbook “transman” who will detrans and regret it in a few years mark my words) and would frequently post begging/demanding people Venmo them money for not just their hormone injections “to survive” but their rent money and food money and clothes money because they’re a poor sad dysfunctional suicidal mess that society owes everything to because they’re trans.

It got old quick and even their siblings are basically keeping them at a distance because they realized they were being emotionally abused and used by a self-victimizing freeloader.

Ever watch my 600 pound life? Usually abused and/or mentally ill people who eat themselves into death and surround themselves with enablers. That reminds me so much of the trans I know IRL.

Except instead of crippling themselves with morbid obesity it’s the never ending road to becoming their perfect self through surgery and hormones instead of actual self work.

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I've noticed that many trans people ask for assistance with rent, food, utilities, surgeries- it's SO weird for me. I'm sure part of my aversion is due to my upbringing, but if it's such a big deal for them why don't they take responsibility for themselves and work? Not to sound ableist or shame those in low-income situations in any way, but damn. Grow up and be an adult. You don't see people asking for assistance with their therapies when they're depressed or dealing with other mental issues. You don't see as many disabled people asking for assistance with their issues. You don't see single parents asking for help with their kids.

It's this weird entitlement they have.

Also edit: my eyes just brush over the moment you talked about my 600 Lb Life and I know exactly what you're talking about. There are a plethora of mental illnesses out there that are not properly getting treated. Whether someone is obese, anorexic, trans, depressed, there's a deeper issue at play that needs to be addressed with therapy and possibly regulated medication.

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Trust me, when you have a significant disability that makes people feel sorry for you and easily allows you to exaggerate the effects without being caught out and instead be met wirh limitless sensitivity and concessions the temptation is always there to take advantage of it. Even if you're a good, strong person it's just so easy to dip down into that pot when you're weak. The more narcissistic among us of course play that instrument like a virtuoso with very little regret. And in my view, trans allows these situations even moreso than much more severe conditions because of present environmental perceptions.

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"A fool and his money are easily separated".

It is unfortunate that idiots are wasting their money on garbage like this. There are literally millions of people who need help in some way or another, and yet con men like this are getting boob jobs.

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Totally, this one is a TIF, but it's a waste of time, money and health as well.

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Whoops, I didn't catch that. Thanks.

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I feel bad admitting this but... I feel the same about the reverse, too. (GoFundMes for MtFtM and vice versa). Actually, like someone else said, I feel bad about any of these types of GoFundMes, because they're ultimately all selfish at their core, if the only beneficiary is the sole recipient. I'd rather donate to an organization that needs food and necessities for the underprivileged than someone needing a surgery or item that isn't life threatening. But the post-trans ones irk me a lot. Like... yeah, maybe it sucks that you were conned into the ideology, you were too young to know, everything, right? It also sucks for like, everyone else who had a shitty hand dealt to them. And probably 70% of them also have a GoFundMe up. Like... idk man this just turned into a rant about e-begging, I'm a salty broke lower class and the whole asking for money out of the goodness of peoples' hearts just rubs me the wrong way every time

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YES! THANK YOU! Broke pal here as well. I hate to admit it but, I've donated to organizations that don't apply to my ideology anymore, I should have donated to home shelters. What I want to say is that neoliberalism is such a bitch that money seems to be sent to the most selfish and individualistic issues instead to real important issues. As someone said before, people are suffering from really difficult backgrounds and we are wasting time and money on this shit. I hate identity ideologies man, we need to focus on the real world.

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You can't control what people donate to. A friend of mine on FB shared a GoFundMe for some friend of a friend who is NB and wants mastectomy. Because they're not a transman they're not eligible for a funded one. They were upfront and people can choose whether or not to contribute. It's fair I think.

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NB and wants mastectomy

How many years of my life did I cry over being flat chested? I even asked my parents about implants as a teen. Wish I could have just magically swapped with one of these women who wants hers cut off. Never thought I'd hear "oh how I envy flat chested women!" Not in a world that is so "boobies" centric.

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We all want what we haven't got I guess.

Plus "boobies' are only approved if pert and round. Big swinging melons? Nobody's getting those put in.

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I'm going to go against the current here...

We live in a free society and people are allowed to beg for money for plastic surgery. And people are allowed to give said beggars their hard earned cash, for selfpats/woke pts/whatever reason. It's the unsustainable trend dejour. Note, I personally don't give money for these surgeries but either way that's okay.

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I disagree. Asking for donations for such reason it's not ethically correct, whether I agree or not. People are in worse scenarios and are not begging for your money or your sympathy in any way, that's the problem. And taking advantage of people's good intentions... Even worse. And regarding the free society, that's really debatable. But thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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The funniest one was Lily Madigan who fund raised for life saving survey, which wasn't even srs but facial cosmetic surgery. Then he didn't even spend the money on surgery at all but went out and bought designer clothes.

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The whole "life saving surgery" drives me insane, because I fell for it at first, and I'm sure others do too. I mean, if you don't think about it, "life saving surgery" seems very important, and who on earth would deny a person "life saving surgery!" Then your realize that the only reason it's "life saving" is because they say they're going to kill themselves if they don't get it.

I'm going through a pretty big mid-life crisis right now. I need to set up a go-fund me for a "life saving" convertible Corvette Stingray.