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Adolescent boy is continually going into his female cousin's underwear drawer to steal her pads. And he's in the habit of using a new pad every two hours. TO JERK OFF WITH AND IN!

This is classic autogynephilia. It's how it always starts. Boy in puberty violates personal boundaries of female relatives or household members by sneakily invading their privacy & stealing their underwear or other intimate items in order to use them as masturbatory aids.

These boys do this not coz they're "gender confused" or "exploring their feminine side" or were "born in the wrong body" or "might be trans." They do it coz rubbing their dicks & balls on "girly" items - particularly ones that belong to girls/women close to them that the boys know possess real vulvas, vaginas & breasts - gives them a massive hard-on. And coz when they finally cum, it provides them with an extra special, super-duper, gigantic, explosive erotic charge that these guys call "gender euphoria."

The whole "transgender" story line is just a cover for this classic AGP behavior. This boy isn't some new breed of girl, nor will he grow up to be any kind of woman. He's a con man whose whole focus is on his dick & getting off, as is the case with all these guys.

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Honestly, that is so disgusting, it didn't even occur to me. Even with this being a classic AGP, even with how bizarre it is for a boy to take his cousin's pad every two hours, I didn't realize that he is obviously using them as masturbatory aids until you actually said it. The fact that we are socially subsidizing this kink as some kind of victimhood is nothing short of staggering.

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This boy is jealous of the attention his female family member is getting from HER PARENTS BEING FUCKIN DEAD and he's acting out. The entitlement is off the charts. I can't believe the priorities of some people, who gives a fuck about this nasty kid's pronouns? He's a turd.

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Her parents died and now she has to live with her creepy cousin. What a fucking nightmare.

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He's a turd and a wanker. In the most literal sense.

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Such weird comments. I mean even if creepy cousin has surgery he is not going to menstruate?

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Anything and everything can be justified if men just claim it helps their dysphoria. We can’t question why a man wants to risk diaper rash and chafing on his junk just to get one of the least pleasant sensations of being female—we just have to take their word for it that the most ridiculous, fetishy behaviors are absolutely crucial for their mental wellbeing.

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Trust me, this boy is using those pads to give himself the most pleasant sensations a human male can experience - orgasm. He's not getting diaper rash, he's getting off.

He has what is by far the most common kind of "gender dysphoria" - the official name of which is, according to the clinical literature, "autogynephilic gender dysphoria."

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There can be discharge from his axe-wound.

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I wish I could give this a negative “fun” rating.

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I'm so sick of people apologizing for this perverted fetish crap. The uncle sounds like the only sensible one in the family, my god pads are extremely expensive and she actually needs them. If he actually wanted some he could have asked his mom to get him some, instead of being a thief. For all intents and purposes this is a teenage boy who rummaged through his cousin's underwear drawer, this is perverted behaviour protected under a veil of acceptance. He could have asked, he could have asked his mom, but nope. This screams of a total lack of disrespect for boundaries. The mom is nuts putting all the blame on her! What's next trying on his cousin's underwear because "I'm exploring my transition?". Nasty fucker.

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How is almost everyone glossing over the fact that he's not just "stealing" from her, but actually going into and rifling around in her UNDERWEAR drawer?? A This is a huge violation of boundaries and his parents need to address that.

Also, this comment describing what "true" radical feminists and not "TERFs" believe is literally just gender critical radical feminism! Its like they don't even bother to listen to what we're actually saying, just plug their ears and go "lalalala you hate transpeople"!

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You can literally spend 5 seconds on egg_irl or twitter and find trans people praising this behavior and they still think this is a TERF plant lol

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Of course the men in the comments section are saying the women are assholes for merely existing, and ordering the OP about what she "needs" to do.

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Pertinent description of autogynephilia & how & when it starts by sexologists J. Michael Bailey PhD & Ray Blanchard PhD:

Autogynephilia is a male’s sexual arousal by the fantasy of being a woman. That is, autogynephilic males are turned on by thinking about themselves as women, or behaving like women.

The typical heterosexual adolescent boy has sexual fantasies about attractive girls or women. The autogynephilic adolescent boy may also have such fantasies, but in addition he fantasizes that he is an attractive, sexy woman.

The most common behavior associated with autogynephilia during adolescence is fetishistic cross dressing. In this behavior, the adolescent male wears female clothing (typically, lingerie) in private, looks at himself in the mirror, and masturbates.

Some autogynephilic males are not only sexually aroused by cross dressing, but also by the idea of having female body parts. These body-related fantasies are especially likely to be associated with gender dysphoria.

Males with autogynephilia can have a variety of autogynephilic fantasies and interests, from cross dressing to fantasizing about having female bodies to enjoying (for erotic reasons) stereotypical female activities such as knitting to fantasizing about being pregnant or menstruating.

One study found that autogynephilic males who fantasize about having female genitalia also tended to be those with the greatest gender dysphoria.

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All your posts in this thread are great. I especially liked your one referring to the insane and intense experience of the agp orgasm

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Thanks! I happen to know a great deal about the sexual lives of adolescent boys & adult men. Far more than I care to know, in fact. LOL.

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I yelled back that he ruined my clothes and make-up and all he does is waste pads by rubbing his balls on them.

Stay gold, Ponygirl.

Also, I'm on the uncle's team.

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Can't believe I misspelt stealing. Sigh.

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this reads as bait to me. but i typically assume 90% of aita is fake anyway

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come on, a woman taking menstrual products when not menstruating would be creepy af.