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I'm so impressed by JK Rowling. Her refusal to bow down or fall silent is hugely energising!

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Me too. I'm way too old for her books, so had no opinion of her, but on this issue her courage is breathtaking.

And I can't count how many normal people with whom I've started the sometimes awkward gender ideology conversation by asking, "Have you heard about what's happening to JK Rowling?"

A surprising number of people have heard of the spat between JK Rowling and the Flat-Earthers of the Left. For some of these normal people, the Rowling affair is their first introduction to trans activist insanity, but they all end up on Rowling's side once I explain the issue.

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I wish people would stop using 'left ' or ' socialist ' to describe this quasi religious crackpot cult.

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Yeah. I'm a socialist and I fight for my right to marry in Poland (or to just live normally as a lesbian) and this whole gender stuff has nothing to do with science. And nothing with a true left which focuses mostly on economical issues. If I would to point a finger, it would be a modern liberalism, which is conservative on the "money" side of issues. And they only support the T because they seem woke and make a profit out of it.

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In the US, the trans activist cult is championed by the Democratic party, whereas most Republican politicians have sided with women, if only just for political expediency. So that's why trans activism in the US is considered "Leftist."

But I think calling trans activists and their supporters the "Flat-Earthers of the Left" also implies that they are an extreme, and that most Lefties don't agree with that extreme. The Republican party is similarly divided, with relatively sane economic conservatives on one hand, and on the other, the Rapture Christians and similar.

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The problem with basing political categorization on the US system is that there are pretty much only two parties in the US system. And right now, the right wing is setting the tone. If something is not right-wing, it ends up being viewed as left-wing. So the definition of left-wing sort of becomes "whatever the right doesn't like", and it's simply not an accurate characterization. There are so many more nuances in politics.

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Agreed. And in the US we've lost sight of nuance in politics. I remember during Watergate, Republicans in Congress agreeing that Nixon had committed a crime. Now? It's all down party lines.

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Yeah, I'm entirely left but I hate being lumped up with movements that have nothing to do with the left. There's this weird idea that "left" means that you have to be inclusive of EVERYTHING that's not plain right-wing and it's simply not true. People have started to lump everything up with "the tolerant left", but the trans movement has nothing to do with "left" and just because somebody is left-wing in politics doesn't mean they have to be inclusive of every movement or every idea out there.

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I'm way too old for her books

You can try the Galbraith books.

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This makes me so angry. The science clearly doesn't support anything, sex is NOT a spectrum, it's binary with rare medical outliers. TRAs are using intersex people as a shield yet again. The rest of the science on the benefits of transitioning is either unknown or unsupportive, so why are people and institutions who should know better denying reality? Like lemmings all rushing towards the cliff. We know the important thing which is, they are not biologically women, so they are not women. Whatever the science says about transitioning, what's that got to do with erasing women as a category and the rights that we fought for?

"the entire transgender community (is) one that disproportionately suffers from violence, discrimination, harassment, and exclusion and, as a result, experiences high rates of suicide, suicide attempts, homelessness, and mental and bodily harm."

Reality doesn't work that way. Women are oppressed too, it doesn't mean they'll combine categories with men. Substitute the words transgender community for men and continue to say that feminism is harmful to men. Add in the liberal men telling women what feminism should look like and how uneducated or too stupid to learn women are for not agreeing with them. Sure sounds like an incel, MRA movement.

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Agreed on all grounds. Besides, in practice it is hard to separate the various reasons for greater trans suicide or suicide attempts, homelessness and mental and bodily harm. They may not be caused only by how others treat them but also by feelings of dysphoria and related issues.

In any case, those who commit the violent acts, harassment etc. against transgender people are mostly not women.

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There's also no correlation between being part of an oppressed group and higher rates of suicide. The correlation is with mental health issues, nothing else.

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Say it louder for the people in the back, please!

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There's no evidence that trans people have greater rates of suicide attempts, completed suicides, homelessness, or mental and bodily harm. These are all simply claims and assertions made by people who ID as trans & their advocates.

People who ID as trans are not reliable sources of this sort of info cuz a) self-reporting about mental health conditions & suicide ideation & attempts by anyone is never reliable; b) everybody lies, as Dr House often pointed out; c) people who ID as trans are already basing their lives on a lie, so telling more lies comes easily to them; d) the vast majority of people who ID as trans have other "co-morbid" mental health issues; e) amongst people who ID as trans, an unusually high % have personality disorders.

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This is so true. There was someone who pointed out that what people called a trans murder epidemic in the whole UK during a certain year was four murders.

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There is data to suggest that the trans population is the safest population there is, and that they have a lower murder rate and lower exposure to violence than most other groups, with the exception of the sub-group of trans people who are involved in prostitution. The most vulnerable population is women of color.

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In the UK, studies showed that TIMs are more likely to be murderers than murdered.

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There are stats for children's suicides. The outliers are lesbian girls, for whom the risk is nearly double the baseline. Trans-identified boys are the same as normal boys. (The difference from adult suicide stats, where men are more at risk, is because adult men are more likely to use a gun.)

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The suicide point drives me crazy. AFAIK people with other major mental illnesses such as borderline and schizophrenia also have very high suicide attempt rates, should we blame society for that too? What happened to "It isn't your fault, he was fighting his own demons, there is nothing you could have done" which is what we say when anybody else commits suicide? Why are ONLY trans people allowed to use their poor mental health to emotionally blackmail the rest of society?

It's also absurd because if bullying or discrimination was the sole/primary cause of the suicides, then why aren't other marginalized groups committing suicide at similar rates?

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To my knowledge their high rate of suicide is explained with severity of their gender dysphoria also... but then what about people with body dysmorphia?

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That congressman, Joe Kennedy III, Robert Kennedy's grandson, in Massachusetts who's running for Senate, is one of the most outspoken supporters of the Equality Act.

As I said in another post, 18 or so Attorneys General of liberal states filed an amicus brief in one of the transgender bathroom cases (Florida, I think) that stated that the definition of biological sex has changed to include mumbo jumbo gender fairy words.

These are very educated and liberal lawyers who are the top law enforcement in their liberal states and they are denying basic science before a court.

Again, we have to call this out wherever we see it because soon we won't be allowed to.

I'll get the states and the brief and post it. If your state is one in which the attorney general signed onto this brief, please call their office if you feel comfortable and state your objections clearly.

You can also tell the attorneys general that they are "the Flat-Earthers of the Left." I often do.

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Thank you. Will you make a separate post about it when you put up the list of states and the brief? That would bring it to wider attention.

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Will do. I was friggin' outraged when I read the amicus brief. You will be too.

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I made a separate post about the Attorneys General of a bunch of liberal US states changing the definition of 'sex" in the Title IX/ Florida transgender case that women just lost.

You have to read it to believe it. Do a search in this sub for "Do You Want To Be Outraged" and you should find my post.

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Is Joe Kennedy III the one who is antivaxx? I can't keep up with the crazy train

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That's Robert Kennedy Jr, son of RFK. I don't know enough about his stance to know if he's an anti-vaxxer or just skeptical that all vaccines are safe and efficient.

I'm not anti-vaccine at all, but in the US, Big Pharma is a thing, as is the Medical Industrial Complex. Big Pharma is one of the most powerful political lobbies, as evidenced by the money being poured into trying to convince society that transitioning kids is normal.

And I also think that caution should be taken with anything one puts in ones body. I'm old enough to remember dozens of medical recalls, some very serious.

Past that, healthy skepticism about anything the US government says should be encouraged. I'm thinking of Iraq's non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction, "the air in lower Manhattan is safe to breath" (just after 9/11), Fauci initially saying we don't need masks. And now the Democrats with their "Transwomen Are Women"...

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If sex isn't binary, how come it was Kerry Kennedy's mother Ethel who bore all 11 of the children she had with Robert F Kennedy? You'd think RFK being such a gentleman would've pitched in & carried & birthed at least a few of the 11 babies he fathered rather than making Ethel shoulder the entire burden.

If sex isn't binary, how come Kerry is the one who bore all the children during her own marriage to current NY Governor Andrew Cuomo? Why didn't Andrew go halfsies with her?

If sex isn't binary, how come Kerry's famous car crash whilst addled on the sleeping pill Ambien prompted the USA medical establishment to do research that revealed women metabolize Ambien very differently to men, ultimately causing the USA's FDA to issue new prescribing regulations that say females should be given half the dose as males?

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"The science is clear and conclusive: sex is not binary"

cough bullshit cough

I would really love it if scientists started speaking up.

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And then they link to an opinion piece to back this up. Well if the "science is so clear and conclusive" why not link those numerous peer-reviewed, acknowledged studies that prove this?

We all know the answer to that, of course.

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Yes. Where is the world's most famous biologist? Can't shut him up normally.

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Call me when a "AMAB" trans woman and a biological "cis" "AMAB" man make biological babies together without the help of a surrogate and any input from someone female, and we'll discuss how sex is a spectrum

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Right? I once joked to a friend about this, that sex wasn't a binary so it could have easily been her husband who gave birth rather than her - She: "Why didn't anyone tell me this before I had four kids?!"

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Please send JKR support:

Real people read her emails & forward kind words to her.

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JK is a lioness. I love her.

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Another round of applause to JKR. I also love that she is so cool, calm and collected - and simply states factual information, while very politely (yet sternly) denies any allegations of being a "transphobe" etc.

I myself would be throwing hissy fits left and right and center (which wouldn't help, I know, but good lord this woman has some proper patience.) It's even more magnificent because her replies to the hateful and ignorant ramblings she receives creates a HUGE contrast that is obvious for anyone to see (well, ALMOST anyone...)

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Seriously, she's just about the perfect spokesperson to speak on all this.

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She is the undisputed Queen of Peaks 👑

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"The science is clear and conclusive: sex is not binary" Fucking lmao. I'd challenge anyone who says this to name one single person they've ever met who is neither male nor female.

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a quote she quoted that I'm quoting:

The history of medicine has many examples in which the well-meaning pursuit of short-term relief of symptoms has led to devastating long-term results

What are some examples of that? I feel like I should know, but don't. I think it's potentially one of the strongest arguments against gender ideology, that it's a temporarily misunderstood (if not deliberately misrepresented) issue whose real less-harmful solution is more or less right around the corner.

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Lobotomies. Thalidomide. DES. Elixir Sulfanilamide. The blood industry permitting blood supplies to be tainted with HIV in the 1980s, which led to many hemophiliacs & people who got blood transfusions to die of AIDS. (This almost happened to US COVID-19 coordinator Deborah Birks MD when she nearly hemorrhaged to death during childbirth in 1983.)
Toxic cough syrup poisoings. Oxycontin, Fentanyl, pain medicine & the opioid crisis. Valium & benzos. New England compounding pharmacy making up steroids for spinal injection contaminated with the dangerous fungus crypotoccocus neoformans, leading to meningitis. A vast number of antacids & other GI drugs as well as psych meds prescribed to treat ulcers, which all turned out to be caused by a bacteria & could be easily cured with a course of antibiotics. Antibiotic overuse, leading to a whole host of health problems for individuals & leading to the emergence of highly pathogenic & virulent "superbugs" that are resistant to all drug interventions.

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Men did this. This is male-run "medicine".

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Yes, it's male-run "medicine." Look at that was done to Hollywood actress Frances Farmer cuz she was intelligent, "mouthy," spirited, feisty, independent, & wouldn't conform to the "ladylike" behavior standards that male movie execs & her mother wanted her to embrace, & IRL she had no interest in playing up her beauty by dressing feminine & dolling herself up with makeup, etc. So she was repeatedly committed to mental hospitals where she was brutalized & tortured in various ways... But none of this worked, on the contrary, it all just made Farmer madder in both senses of the word - so they finally gave her a lobotomy.

All of this was detailed in the harrowing but excellent 1982 film "Frances," starring Jessica Lange (with Sam Shephard as a really good guy):

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Lmao the list just goes on and on, doesn't it

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Statins is another one.

Also, SSRI use in pregnant women is leading to higher NICU admissions, infant mortality, neonatal heart defects, & various withdrawal symptoms in babies such as jitteriness, sleeplessness & lack of appetite.

Similarly, giving SSRIs & other anti-depressants to kids is IMO a massive problem. And it seems linked to the trans craze amongst youngsters: Just as SSRIs diminish both sexual response & appetite in adults who are already sexually mature, I think there's reason to suspect taking these drugs prior to or during puberty might blunt or actually stop the development of libido, sexual attraction & dawning awareness of one's sexual orientation. In one of her videos, Ben GNC talked about being put on SSRIs early on & she thinks they might've been a factor in her believing herself to be a gay man when she was really a young lesbian.

Yet despite all the known dangers & risks giving antidepressants to young kids, children are still being fed them - and at ever younger ages:

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Similarly, hysterectomy, which can be life-saving and necessary but was pushed at me as a solution to the "problem" that I couldn't take hormone replacement at menopause due to my fibroids! These people saved me.

Similarly, hormone replacement for menopause itself, which might be appropriate for some of us but not on the mass scale they were thinking in the 90s.

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I feel like an idiot. I couldn't think of any of them because I was imagining ... more subtle ways of screwing people over. Despite all the GCing and T-Dropping, there is still so much "but people just want to be happy" in my brain, because that's the usual barrage.


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I mean, there's Thalidomide, which was prescribed (off-label I believe initially) to prevent morning sickness in pregnant women and caused infant death and terrible birth defects.

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So many ... off the top of my head.... Doctors even up to the 70's saying that smoking is fine. The lobotomies of the 50's. Giving Thalidomide to pregnant women to ease morning sickness only to realize that it causes severe birth defects. Most similar to trans crazy ... Automatically putting menopausal women on hormones for years in the 90's only to realize years later if greatly increases risk of cancers/heart issues etc.

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Also, all the various methods used for "gay conversion therapy" such as ECT, drugs (Alan Turing) & torture techniques back in the day:

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I am not gender critical, however, I am a lesbian who sometimes feels very alone in her fight against the harm TRA's cause for homosexuals like me. Seeing a public figure like her speak up makes me feel so much better. It's like a breath of fresh air.

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I hear you and relate. However merely reading her words and considering them a "breath of fresh air" will get you labelled of TERF (the slur version of gender critical) in LGBTQWTF+ circles. I know I've been trough it. This is what "radicalized" me to the GC side. Here at least we are allowed to discuss these issues.

edit ps- Look into the truscum/tucute debate in trans circles if you haven't already.

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After hearing personally from some of these women, and from such a wide range of professionals, I’ve been forced to the unhappy conclusion that an ethical and medical scandal is brewing.

JKR is not the first person to express this view but if I'm not mistaken she's one of the more high-profile ones. I'm glad to see her say so, it's something I think a lot of people here have been expecting

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OK. Maybe the science has changed. I'll accept that. And that sex not being binary is behind the assertion that TWAW etc and pushes for medical affirmation etc. It's about the hidden nonbinaryness of their biosex.

I have a question. How many trans people have a medically discernibly different sex to that observed at birth? After all if that is the reason then this information should be available.

They did better by themselves by sticking with identity rather than sex.tbh.

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Just to be clear: the science has NOT changed. Humans still reproduce sexually, as we have done since our species first came into into existence. The fossil record shows that sexual reproduction has been "a thing" for 1.2 billion years. To make a new human life today, as ever in the past, two different gametes are still required: female (egg) + male (sperm). There is no reproduction with only one or the other.

The whole "sex is a spectrum" crap comes from intentional efforts to misconstrue & inaccurately portray what is known about the extremely rare medical conditions known as differences/disorders of sex development (DSDs) in humans. At this point in history, these conditions are actually well described in medical literature, and they are well understood. DSDs are variations within/of the male & female sex; they do not constitute new sexes. The existence of DSDs offers further proof that sex is binary; it does not refute the binary.

There have always been vast variations in sex characteristics amongst males & females. Male dick size varies enormously; some men have hairy bodies, some not; some men have male-pattern baldness, some not. Some men have strongly "masculine" faces & builds; many have less so, & some men have "feminine" looking faces & lithe bodies. And vice versa for females. But none of this means anyone is less male or female. Nor does it change the fact that for humans to reproduce, a male gamete and a female gamete are required - each & every time, no exception.

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I've even seen the major reddit subs stick up for her

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I love her, I love her so much.

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Kerry Kennedy’s aunt Rosemary was lobotomized in 1941. She spent the rest of her life institutionalized.