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Lesbian sex guide for woke:

Step 1: Both of you get out your penises.

Step 2: Do not get naked, or it will become gay men sex, keep in mind that you are lesbian while you still have dress and make up on.

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You are joking, but I met such "lesbian couple" with two transwomen with dicks.

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They should just stick to dating each other.

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I've never read so much bullshit in my fucking life. Calling cuddling and kissing sex. All the talk about anal (yeah, maybe makes sense if you do it with a man with a prostate. but that's has nothing to do with lesbians). And scissoring is a position looking like a scissor, yeah that's impractical, but vulva on vulva doesn't mean scissor position. This dumb retarded guide talks more about dick in vagina (like people didn't know how to do it) and anal than actual lesbian pussy on pussy sex. Completely dumb garbage that has little to do with female on female sex.If that sex ed, better not sex ed.

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and that blows their minds.

We tried to repeat what we see in porn in our first tries. Obviously that did not went well :D

"Don’t believe everything you’ve heard"

Like this very topic :)

You don’t need to worry about pregnancy. It’s possible to get pregnant [...] in lesbian sex

This "myth debunking" part is the funniest one.

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It’s regressive shit like this I can’t stand. I finally got the right to not have dick in my life if I don’t want to but now the dick is just cropping up everywhere. Get. Your dicks. Out of here. Ffs.

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Jesus. I love seeing "penis in anus sex" as a subcategory of LESBIAN sex. There's so little information about lesbian sex in the first place and this is what lesbian teens are going to come across when they're looking it up? Why do penises have to be everywhere, considered in every circumstance?

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UGH, and I thought Healthline had been spared from this bullshit