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I feel so bad for that mother. She knows her daughter better than any stranger on the internet, and they're trying to shit all over her saying things like "it's not a cry for attention" and "this didn't come out of the blue, she's been thinking about it for a long time". Like, what the actual hell?

If I was 12, and my mom got pregnant again, I'd sure as hell be confused and looking for affection or attention. And if I knew "being trans" got me showered with love, I would do it.

I also like one commenter saying "cis kids don't ever question their gender" come on, man. Of course they do. Especially when puberty hits! Puberty sucks, being a pre-teen sucks, suddenly getting a kid sibling sucks, school sucks. This girl probably has so many questions, and no one is giving her answers, just mantras.

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I wish someone who was willing to get the banhammer would tell her the truth. Then she could have the bonus of seeing how cultish the tras are.

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Well, I private messaged her. I directed her to 4thwavenow, Parents of ROGD Kids, The Pique Resilience Project, and Transgender Trend. I hope it helps.

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Im glad you did! I dont have a ton of resources on hand so I wasnt really sure what to even say to her. I just know she didnt deserve to get dogpiled on. I imagine she knows her daughter better than a bunch of wackadoos anyways.

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Years ago, I went to r/asktransgender to ask people there if I was trans. This was 2015, so things weren't quite as crazy back then. I did actually get sensible advice. The atmosphere has really changed. It's a different world now for sure.

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Nice work.

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OMG clown world. I hope she somehow finds her way to community and Abigail Shrier before they harm her child too badly.

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Jesus Christ that woman’s post history. She attempted to get an abortion but sounds like it did not work out and she’s about to leave her husband. Now she has all of this on top of it. Not surprising her daughter is suicidal and having confused thoughts. But nah, clearly the crazy home environment has nothing to do with it.

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Oh my I didnt check her post history. Thats awful and I agree kids pick up on that stuff. I hope she can get to a regular counselor because it sounds like she will need it. :(