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Because it is all must be centring them, nothing else should be discussed. At least it is not something crying that discussing not them, but guitars.

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Okay, here's your improved poll folx:

I play bass and I...

[ ] am very certain my sex chromosomes are XX

[ ] am very certain my sex chromosomes are XY

[ ] have confirmed I have a DSD

[ ] have an asymmetrical haircut and a porn name/name that rhymes with "ayden".

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But why are you not talking about meeeeeeeeeeee

Or, I’m not even on this sub, I don’t play any instrument what so ever, why am I not included :((((

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Trans cultists are colonizers and Narcissists. They ruin everything they touch.

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I have a degree in biology

I'm really confused as to why I'm being downvoted

Really gorl???

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"I guess I just don’t understand the point of a poll asking what genitalia you were born with in relation to whether you play bass or not which is why I was confused."

What a dumb comment. Obviously because women are underrepresented. Of course a man wrote that comment.

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The question is, why does sex matter here? We're not getting basses pregnant or screening for genetic bass diseases. Gender is clearly what matters for determining the distribution of bass players.

Retardation levels approaching critical captain!

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Born with a dick and all the advantages that confers on him, and yet wants to make himself out to be the important and oppressed one in a conversation about the scarcity of female bassists. Narcissists.

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Omg I saw this shit too! And I just went and looked and now there's a new post from some stupid TIM telling his whole life story because that poll triggered him. Lmao Literally a sub for bass guitar... And it's somehow turned into trans talk time. I. Can. Not. Stand. These. People. Fuuuuuck, I'm just so sick of them. They can't shut up about themselves for 2 seconds, it always has to be about them and their super special feelz.

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The bass subreddit is one of the last reasons I use reddit since the advice and resources have saved my ass many times as a beginner, thought it was a pretty safe bet when it comes to gender ideology.... Nope. It's everywhere. Of course, any male-dominated hobby is also going to be choked full of transgendered males... That women just wanted to find other women and it had to turn into people soap boxing. What a world.

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There are more than two sexes

Go on honey, I'm listening.

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One of the posters claims the poll is "a complete disregard for the large number of people who identify as neither male nor female." Large number?! Okaaay. Just because you say it enough times doesn't make it true. Non-binary people make up less than 1% of the population. Hardly a number anyone would call large.

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It's literally all these people think about

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Wow. Wish I could see the survey results. Was there a bias toward one sex?

Edit: Whoa!:

"497 Female

"3.1k Male"


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Damn. I wonder how many of the so called females are even real women?

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This reminded me of a track with an awesome bassline: ‘Notice Me’, New Model Army

Who told him that it mattered?

Who told him that anyone cared?

He's got an overgrown sense of his own importance

No one's really bothered round here