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Devastating. She was an amazing woman. If the current administration get to pick the next SCJ, It’ll be a disaster.

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I honestly think this could be the end of our democracy. I don’t say that lightly. I feel such deep mourning for her loss, what it means for the future of our country.

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Obama nominated Merrick Garland on March 16th, 2016, and the republicans wanted to wait for the election in November. We are on the cusp of the election this time around. I don't think there's much excuse to not wait for the election.

EDIT: I'm sure we will soon hear the argument from the republicans on why a nominee should be voted on immediately.

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Mitch Mconnell put it in his Twitter post about her passing. It’s beyond, beyond disgusting.

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That man is pure fucking evil. I can only hope that the Republicans who are likely to be voted out (Martha McSally R-AZ, Susan Collins R-ME, Cory Gardner R-CO...) will not vote for any of Trump's loons right before the election. Three Republican senators have already pledged that they wouldn't (Murkowski, Grassley, and Collins) vote for a new justice until the inauguration, but Collins have proven over and over agains that she cannot be trusted.

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Agreed. And Gardner is already on very thin ice in Colorado, which went from red to purple to likely bright blue this go around. Romney might not support Trump on this either. Right before the election is actually terrible for the four shaky senators trying to keep their seats as moderate republicans in increasingly liberal states. Now, after the election, who knows. But even Lindsay graham issued a statement that he didn’t think it was a great idea. The stunt they pulled in 2016 with Merrick Garland will haunt their post 2020 aspirations and many apart from McConnell the Neck Turtle know it.

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Romney might not support Trump on this either.

I think Mitt Romney knows what's good for him. I don't think he gets to do that twice and have anything left of a professional legacy as a businessman nor as a politician.

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The reason in both cases is because the GOP controls the Senate. The law is written in plain English. If you want to convict a President on an impeachment charge or decide when and if SCOTUS nominations are heard, you're going to want to control the Senate.

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I'm sorry, but do you expect a Democrat nominee to issue GC opinions?

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Women must have rights before the TRA crowd can take them away. GC is secondary to the fundamental right of women's autonomy.

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Do you think the trans rights vs women’s rights conflict is the biggest threat to women with a conservative SC? More importantly, do you think women’s rights are the biggest vulnerability for any of us with a conservative SC steered by THIS president and his enablers? Jesus. It’s like hearing your kids fretting over whether or not bedroom assignments are fair in a house that’s actively burning down. Our country can’t survive another 4 years of looting, corruption, exploitation, and death, and the last hope for ensuring our votes even count just fell.

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Trans demands might still be a threat to women's rights with a conservative Supreme Court: Trump appointee Gorsuch sided with the gender idealogues on the Bostock decision, which in a few short months other courts have used to roll back women's rights.

Plus, the Republicans have their own version of the Equality Act, the Fairness for All Act in the US House already.

No matter who wins, women are screwed. The GOP are using the trans issue now to win votes, but they will dump women's rights when they get elected.

Which is not an endorsement for the Republicans, just a warning that neither party has women's backs.

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Your house burning down analogy is exactly how I feel whenever I see pro-Trump users on here.

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Gender critical feminism is feminism. A conservative supreme court is a much more dangerous enemy for GC feminism than all the TRAs in the world. Who cares about bathrooms if we have to start using needles again to get an abortion??

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If gender identity is enacted by a liberal SCOTUS as the successor "innate characteristic" to biological sex and "hate speech" laws passed by a liberal legislature are upheld in spite of the 1st Amendment, feminism as you know it will cause to exist in the public forum. As a gay, having learned of the Cotton Ceiling, I'd face similar repercussions if Horseshoe Theory comes full circle to an authoritarian left.

As far as I can tell, it seems like for all the GOP's virtue signaling on abortion, their actual contemporary policy position is to simply hold the line on Roe v. Wade and the Hyde Amendment, apart from the novelty laws you'll see passed e.g. mandatory cardiograms beforehand, etc.

Remember that historically, far-left countries also banned abortion outright - case in point, Communist Romania under Nicolae Ceaușescu - oftentimes taking much more invasive measures to ensure compliance.

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Came here to post exactly this. Watching from Canada, I don't understand why the left is still so supported when they're the ones writing gender-based protections that overstep onto women's rights into law.

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Because the right in this country is fascism? Because conservatives don’t support ANY women’s rights at all and want more than anything to eliminate legal abortion? Because other than the trans support shit, which hopefully will soon be relegated to fad status, the left is far more interested in crushing the patriarchy and the far left wants to crush free market capitalism in favor of socialism?

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The Left has had a misogyny issue in this country since I can remember.

The Democrats did help women get their rights, but the Democrats' full-throttle support of gender ideology is incredibly dangerous to women now - beyond the heinous federal Equality Act, the Democrats have passed local and state laws that destroy women's right/safety/sports.

That said, the Republicans have their own Equality Act waiting in the wings, the Fairness For All Act, already in the US House.

Women's rights are screwed no matter who wins. It's just the Democrats can be a little saner on other issues.

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Can you give examples of fascism on the right? At least any policies that support fascist ideas. (I'm genuinely curious)

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Because the right in this country is fascism?

Wrong. The American GOP, particularly under Donald Trump, is proto-fascist. Big leap of faith to take that to full-on fascism.

crush free market capitalism in favor of socialism

You say that as if it would be a positive societal development. If you think socialist political movements have an even mediocre track record on women's rights, go ahead and research the real-life Handmaids Tale that was Nicolae Ceaușescu's Romania.

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Because the right in the US is racist and misogynistic as hell. The left isn't much better, but they are better.

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The Left has its own soft misogyny and sometimes obvious misogyny like the Equality Act.

But at the moment, Donald Trump and his enabler, Senate Majority Leader Republican Mitch McConnell, are the two most dangerous men on Earth IMO.

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How is the right racist when they've done all this.

Just to summarize (since I know most people won't watch the video): school choice (allowing black families in the inner city to choose to send their kids to suburban schools), music modernization act (more money for musicians who stream music, the majority of successful ones in America are black - just look at the top ten billboard chart at any given time), opportunity zones (bringing jobs to low income communities), first step act (reducing prison sentences by an average of 70 months, majority of whom are black and were put in jail by Biden's policies), tax cuts for small businesses (many owned by immigrants).

If they're racist why are they supported by so many mainstream black people like Candace Owens, Joya Villa, Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Coleman Hughes, KingFace, Larry Elder, Kim Klacik, etc...?

If they're racist, they really suck at it. Especially since this is more than Obama did for the black community (unless you have evidence to the contrary).

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I can't stand neo-Liberal corporatist Biden either, and agree that he's far from a saint on racial issues, but Trump routinely says things that are meant to incite a race war and even his former cultist, Michael Cohen, says that Trump is very racist.

And I'm not a fan of the version of Critical Race Theory that I was "taught" during a corporate seminar: I prefer Martin Luther King's judge a person by the content of their character not the color of their skin. I went to a very diverse grade school just around the time of MLK and we all just got along or at least, weren't split down racial lines, and there were many close, cross-racial friendships.

And the black writers you mention with whom I'm familiar (so not all on your list) are pretty nuts - except for maybe Thomas Sowell, who I agree with sometimes (pass the smelling salts). Some of them do sometimes make good points, but all-in-all they seem kind of Uncle-Tomish.

I'll leave an Obama fan to talk about Obama's record with blacks.

The Prison Industrial Complex needs to be dismantled, I agree. That should be a priority of whoever the next president is.

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but Trump routinely says things that are meant to incite a race war

like RE: Charlottesville protests

there were very fine people on both sides

because the full quote was actually

there were very fine people on both sides, and I don't mean the neo-Nazis and white supremacists, who I condemn totally

Are you reading about the things Trump supposedly says or are you watching the actual raw footage of his remarks?

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Obama paved the way for black transwomen to utilize women's shelters... (I'd put /s, but it's fact, not really sarcasm, sadly.)

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You forgot that the Black unemployment rate under Donald Trump fell under 6% for the first time since the Federal Reserve began tracking by race in 1972.

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Very sad about RBG, but it's time to spring into action to save the US.

McConnell wouldn't allow Obama's choice for the US Supreme Court because he claimed it was not lawful for a president to nominate a Supreme Court judge during an election year.

Well, it's an election year now so NO Trump doesn't get a nomination.

So I want the Democrats to refuse to go into the US Capitol building and instead all stand outside, surrounded by protestors, with Mitch McConnell's own words on how he wouldn't Obama to have Garland's nomination playing on the loudest speaker in the world over and over.

This is a coup. I hate the Democrats but they have to stand up to McConnell and Trump.

Please call your three congresspeople - leave a message since it will be Saturday but CALL. Also call McConnell's office. Office numbers are on their websites.


Otherwise we're a fucking Banana Republic.

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Why? If you want SCOTUS appointees you need both the White House and the Senate. The rules were very clear. This "electoral college didn't work"/"Pack the courts!"/"Senate seats should be proportional to population"-I-didn't-know-the-rules-so-we-have-to-change-them is the real banana republic BS.

Dems have garbage, trash strategists working for them. It's not the system, the laws, or the luck of how things keep playing out, and its not like you can turn and blame it on the GOP - your opponent's not going to just play at a handicap because your team captain is a moron and delivers results with the odds of a scratch-off lottery ticket. The DNC is broke, has been for over a decade, so of course they can't hire anyone worthwhile and instead stick with the establishment cronyism leadership that's driven the party into the gutter.

Case-in-point, the Dems allow John Podesta to continue calling the shots this election cycle...why, exactly!? As if he weren't a senile old clueless bastard who fell for a simple phishing scam ("Russian hackers") and compromised the entirety of his professional career, after 2016 he has proven himself a total loser, bungling the easiest lay-up of a presidential election ever possible.

The Senate only needs a simple majority to confirm. Dems needed 2/3rds to convict on impeachment and couldn't even get a simple majority. It's not the GOP's fault that the clueless Dem leadership continues to plow forward into these contests without ever doing the simple math beforehand. Democrat senators can go outside and scream and the GOP can confirm whoever Trump puts forward without even needing their input.

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I agree that Democrats have trash strategists, but Mitch McConnell himself said no Supreme Court justices during an election year.

That was when it was Obama's turn to choose a Supreme Court Justice. When Trump wants one, McConnell changes the rules.

THAT is one of the hallmarks of a Banana Republic.

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Otherwise we're a fucking Banana Republic.

Kind of are at this point.

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Is it better with a vacancy? I just can't tell. I can't think straight... But let's consider...

With a vacancy, people will be more motivated to vote: the left may be more motivated to vote for Dems instead of for random green party or for Trump bc he might not pass the Equal Rights thingy that is actually anti-natal women, since it may wake them up to the realities of what a president does. On the other hand, seeing reactions in this thread I'm not sure if that's true.

On the right, some of the Repubs who were thinking, ugh I'll just take Biden bc Trump is too gross, at least Biden respects soldiers and can do a decent memorial for 9-11, at least he doesn't make us look like a joke - like every living Republican president who's been floating over to the Biden camp - maybe they will start to say, ooooh, wait just a little second. This will remind them of very specific standards they want met that Trump is more likely to hit, like how a Justice votes, not the way they follow protocol.

So an empty seat could be just as bad since it pushes voters to be more concerned, and then a lame duck presidency might make ridiculous moves to fill it anyway if that doesn't work in their favor. I don't feel like the worst is that they try to do it right this second. It's just that it's there.

What we need to take from it is VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATE who will nominate the JUDGES and JUSTICES YOU WANT. When it comes to the details of laws, vote for the right senate candidates first, and then make sure your voice is heard when we have a nationwide conversation about it, but don't choose a president based on whether he will or won't pass one bill.

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One of my fears, having lived through the coup that was the (s)election of George Dubya Hanging Chad Bush the Second, is that if Donnie gets to stack the Supreme Court with justices favorable to Republican/ Mitch McConnell thug tactics, when we get an even more extreme Republican presidential candidate and any kind of election inconsistencies has to be decided by the Supreme Court, the Court will vote on party lines and WE WILL GET AN EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE WANNABE DICTATOR than TRUMP & HIS CRIME FAMILY.

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Do you honestly think they are going to follow the rules now?

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David Sirota is tweeting about a way that the Democrats in the Senate can stop McConnell. According to Sirota, Senators can NOT grant unanimous consent and that would stop McConnell.

The Twitter hashtag to search for is : #ShutdownTheSenate


"Democratic senator to right now publicly declare that they will not grant unanimous consent to anything in order to block all Senate business and stop a Trump SCOTUS pick"

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Every single person in states with Republican senators has to vote them out in November. Good chance we can hold on till then...bad chance if the Senate remains majority GOP.

Forget Trump, we all know what we think about's all about the sen GOP, whether they present as insane as them or not most will vote for a Trump nominee because, politics.

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Kentucky’s machines have no paper trail. Check if your state does, and try to vote absentee if not. And anticipate obstacles to your paper ballot counting even then..

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Even if Republicans lose the Senate majority in the election, they have the ability to confirm and appoint a justice before they leave office in January.

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Yes in a lame duck session. Murkowski and Collins have already said they disapprove of that and Romney is an ABT. That leaves it at 50/50 and if even one is a sen who was already deseated then there will be a crisis of proportions over a man contesting an election result and being able to appoint the person who could throw things.

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I am just numb. I can’t take anymore 2020. Can we just play the season finale already, please?

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George RR Martin hasn't written it yet.

(Sorry. Got to find my humour where I can.)

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I laughed at this a little harder than I should've. It's mind-numbingly accurate.

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This is it. This was the future that had us all nauseated and furious after election 2016. I know the majority of us are pissed with the dems, but that sinking feeling in your gut is justified when we're looking at a conservative majority SC. Time to bare our teeth, make noise, talk to your senators, and VOTE.

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I attended the local Women's March and then volunteered for the Democrats in 2018, as did many other women desperate to make sure that the Republicans didn't control the Presidency, the House and the Senate.

But what did the Democrats do with all that fierce female energy? They fucking put the Equality Act back on the table right after getting back the House in 2018 and then passed it UNANIMOUSLY in the House last May.

The Democrats FUCKED women after we poured our hearts, souls and shoe leather into the 2018 midterms.

So while I think that Trump and the Republicans are beyond dangerous at this point!!!!!! and need to be ousted immediately!!!! I will never forget that the Democrats used women and then shat on us.

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Fuck. This is terrible. So long Roe vs Wade, so long women's rights.

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"Justice and mercy...they're very grand emotions." (RBG documentary).