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I've been sharing news on my insta stories pertaining to women, without bringing up gender ideology. Today was about Posie Parker's arrest. Whenever anyone responds to my stories, I get into a conversation with them privately where I can share information and concerns more freely.

My sister was talking about how much she loves HP this week, then said "fuck jk rowling though."

The exchange that followed:

"That entire thing was blown out of proportion. People shouldn't be demonizing a woman who has done enormous good for women and children."

"Wym? I thought it was quite obvious she is transphobic"

"What did she say that was transphobic? Did you read her essay?"

"No but I saw some tweets a while back and everyone has been blowing up on Twitter about it"

Then I sent that image of "proof JKR is transphobic" with the quotes from her essay

Her: "I have been lied to 😞"

I explained that trans women are not women, that women's spaces and rights are under attack, that I support people's right to live however they want but not at the detriment of women and girls, that sexual orientation is based on sex and how seeing the silencing of women, lesbian erasure and homophobic rhetoric from TRAs is how I fell down the rabbithole and learned about gender ideology and its harms.

I sent her some Magdalen Berns videos, the Blaire White video on JKR, and the State Media doc. She's part peaked just from our conversation and said she will watch them and wants to know more.

The "cotton ceiling" horrified her. She also said that she never considered that homosexuality is based on SEX, not gender. She has a "transbian" friend so I was most afraid to talk to her, but it went shockingly well. I told her I had been called a TERF and that it has no meaning anymore.

I found this approach to be the best so far out of all the conversations I've had. Part of why it worked so well was her opening the door to talk about it, so I think my ig stories will give me more of these opportunities.

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Well done! What great news. And now you can talk to your sister and not feel like you're hiding anything.

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OP here again:

All that being said, I'm in a safe state and don't have to vote for Biden so I can be ideologically pure about this. I completely understand if others can't.

I think that Trump and the Republicans are the biggest threat in my lifetime to our representative republic itself, and I think that we risk everything - climate change, nuclear war, air/water/food safety, health care, education if Trump and the Republicans win.

But I know my friends, I know that they will still vote for the Democrats, but now they will know about the Equality Act and will be able to tell others and lobby against it.

So please talk - explain to others - normal people- what's at stake. Most people are TERFs they just don't even know it's a thing. Talk. Please.

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I once peaked someone just by saying "Intersex has nothing to do with people being trans." It's amazing how many think trans folx are people with a clear physical medical condition which needs corrective surgery and support trans groups on that basis. Ahh, to live in such blissful ignorance.

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So sorry, but Trump is definitely a worse outcome to the election than Biden.

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My point is that we can use the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the sudden enthusiasm of liberal women to talk to them about the Equality Act and why they need to protest it.

There are many liberal women in the US who are normally too busy to think about the Democrats' platform, including "Trans Rights," so just endorse it in its entirety. I want these women to know just what the Democrats' think of our rights so that they can protest the Equality Act before the election, because afterwards it might be too late.

And, as I said, I agree that Trump is possibly the most dangerous president the US has ever had, but I myself am in a safe state and there's no fucking way I am going to endorse Joe Biden, nor am I going to vote for the trans demands activists who I have for congresspeople. I didn't vote for Hillary Clinton because she's a war-monger.

But again, my presidential vote doesn't count.

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Lobbying for people to vote Trump instead of Biden, because you dislike the Equality Act is cutting off your nose to spite your face.

It will always be possible to lobby for a change of the Act, but another four years of Trump will disrupt the entire planet, not to speak of just the USA.

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I'm not telling anyone to vote for Trump, as I've said too many times to count, I think he and the Republicans are very dangerous (although, right now and ironically, they are the only ones working for women rights/safety/sports)

I am telling my friends that the Equality Act exists - there's been a complete media blackout so the only Americans who know that the Equality Act exists are a few thousand or so GC women, and conservatives.

But it's not going to be easy to change the Equality Act once it's law. Our way of government doesn't work that way. It will take years and a tremendous amount of money, plus the goodwill of the press, corporations, academia, etc., which women don't have.

For instance, I marched for the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s. It just said (paraphrasing) equal rights under the law regardless of sex. Women still, 40 plus years later, don't have equal rights under US law.

So the US wouldn't give women an amendment solidfying them as equal under the law, yet the Equality Act breezed through the US House and will be passed in the Senate if the Democrats win.

And the Equality Act would change the definition of the word "sex" to include "gender identity" so while "women" might someday in the far future get "equal rights" under US law, those women will include men.

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The problem is that what you say, motivates people not to vote for the Democrats. Which means either they don't vote at all, or they vote for the Republicans (= Trump). Indeed, even if they don't vote, this will lessen the Democrats' votes and heightens Trump's chances.

So while you possible don't say it verbatim, what you say has the exact same effect as telling people directly to vote for Trump. Herein lies the problem.

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The friends I'm talking to will never vote for the Republicans. And I understand your concerns because I know that our election could have disasterous consequences for everyone on Earth. However, I can tell you if you're worried about war, some of the Democrats are an equally war-hungry lot. Look at what Obama and Clinton did to Libya and the support Democrats showed for the horror show based off pure lies that was Iraq War II.

That said, I don't think Biden would use nuclear weapons while I think that Trump, enraged at some perceived insult, and or bored, might launch one.

But I don't have to dig the Democrats' grave because they're doing it for themselves. While many Americans have no idea about the Equality Act per se because it's been so spectacularly well-hidden, many parents have already been affected by Democrats passing laws that make mandatory pornified school sex education and that encourages kids to consider themselves gender fluid, all under the banner of LGBTQ+.

Also by Obama's changing of Title IX allowing boys into girls' locker rooms and sports, and by state legislation that blocks parents from being able to talk their own children out of transition.

And Gender critical feminists in the US have tried for the last many years to warn the Democrats that if they keep passing bills from the local to now the federal level that destroy women's rights, privacy, dignity, safety and sports, they will not only lose liberal women, but Independents who waver too.

Women are the backbone of the Democratic party. We are the canvassers, the envelope stuffers, the phone callers - and yet the Democrats chose an election year to announce that they will change Title IX back from sex to gender identity as one of Joe Biden's first acts and that the Equality Act is his number one legislative priority.

I can't begin to tell you how badly the Democrats have treated GC women and parents worried about minor transition. But you can watch video of the "Equality Act House Judiciary Hearings" from 2019 to see for yourself. Just use the search term in quotes.

And it's not just women's rights -by vigorously turning gender ideology into law, Democrats have launched an attack on parents rights, gay rights, free speech, science, and vulnerable children's mental and physical health.

My vote doesn't count - another vagary of the US political system, but if it did, I don't know honestly if I would vote for Biden. I would never vote for Trump - I think he's the most dangerous man on Earth, but I have now spent 40 + years fighting for women's rights in a country that proves over and over that it doesn't give a shit about us.

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No, the problem is people buying into the BS they're being force-fed. Like "you must vote a straight ticket". People too lazy to put in the effort to think for themselves! To research & demand clear and precise statements of position, and to hold politicians and government accountable. "The party, the party" propaganda is being swallowed too easily by the weak minded. Seen this for decades.

If one persons statement on social media can cause somebody to change their vote, either the person had a persuasive argument, or the vote changer is nothing but a trend follower. chill out and stop telling people they must censor themselves!

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100% without a doubt